Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Satisfaction of mind.

Satisfaction of mind.

A beautiful story

Pandit Ramnath, a scholar of logic, established the school in a secluded forest near Navadwip.
 In that, he used to give knowledge of scriptures to the students.
 At that time Krishna Nagar was ruled by Maharaja Shivchandra.
 Maharaja was ethnically efficient and also a scholar.
 He heard the discussion of Pandit Ramnath.
 He was sad to know that such a great scholar is spending his days in poverty.
 Maharaj himself went there.
 Ramnath ji welcomed him appropriately.
 The king asked him- Pandit Pravar!  What can i help you with
 Panditji said- Rajan!  Bhagavatkripa has given me all my lacks,
 Now I am complete.
 The king said - I am asking about the house expenses.
 Panditji said- The homeowner knows more about household expenses than me.
 If you want to ask anything, ask them.
 Raja went to Pandit ji's house and asked the Sadhvi housewife - Mother there is no shortage for home expenses.
 That supreme monk said - Maharaj!  What can their devotees lack in the presence of an all-powerful God?
 Raja said- Mother still….
 Sadhvi said- Maharaj!  There is no shortage.
 There are clothes to wear, beds to sleep in.
 There is a pot of soil to hold water.
 Students bring food directly to them.
 What is the need of more than this?
 The king urged-
 Devi.  We want to provide you with the fiefdom of some villages.
 With this income, Gurukul will also be able to run properly and there will be no shortage in your life too.
 In the north, the old Brahmin smiled and started saying - God has already given the manor of life to every human being.
 One who learns to handle this estate of life, there can be no lack of anything.
 The king became speechless ...
 Say Goddess Lakshmi and Narayan ..

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