Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Radha Rani's Leela tradition

Radhe-Radhe .....

Shree Priya- The glory of the anthem of love is incomparable ..

No matter how much you chant, what will that chant be able to do, when the Nayan gets ready while doing Yashgana?

There is great glory of tenacity in the scriptures ...
Dry the body while doing penance, but will this tenacity be able to match the situation when the whole body becomes pulsated while doing Yashgana?
The saints have described the law of many fasts, which leads to peace of sin-temperature-cursing, but will he be able to provide all this warmth, when the heart becomes very moved while doing Yashgana?
The essence is that as soon as Shri Priya is beloved, he sits in the heart and temple, at that moment all the wishes are gone ……
Meaning-less-religion- The desire for salvation ceases to exist….

By the grace of Shri Duet Sarkar, all of our lives are immersed in every moment in the love of Shree Priya.

Jai Shri Radhe


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