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Importance of love and forgiveness in family

Importance of love and forgiveness in family

 * A seeker gave his son-in-law three lakh rupees for business.  His business went on but he did not return the money to the father-in-law.  After all, there was a quarrel between them. The quarrel increased to such a extent that both of them stopped coming to each other.  The internal relationship of hatred and hatred deepened.  Seekers all the time began to criticize, disrespect and criticize their son-in-law in front of every relative.  His practice began to falter.  At the time of worshiping Bhajan, he started thinking of son-in-law.  Mental agony began to affect the body as well.  Discomfort increased.  The solution was not found.  Finally he went to a saint and narrated his agony.

 Saint Sri said: 'Son!  you do not worry.  Everything will be alright with God  You go to the son-in-law's place with some fruits and sweets and only say so much to him, son!  I have made all the mistakes, forgive me. '

 The seeker said: "Your Majesty! I have helped him and I too ask forgiveness!"

 Saint Sri replied: "There can be no conflict in the family in which there is no fault of both the parties. Even if the mistake of one side is one percent, ninety-nine percent of the other side, but the mistake will be from both sides."
 Nothing was understood by the seeker.  He said: "Your Majesty! What have I forgotten?"
 "Son! You considered your son-in-law to be bad in your heart ... You have grieved your son-in-law with this mistake. The grief that you gave has returned to you many times. Go, apologize for your mistakes. Otherwise  You will not be able to live peacefully, nor will you die peacefully. To ask forgiveness is a very big practice. "
 The seeker's eyes opened.  He bowed to Saint Sri and reached the son-in-law's house.  Everyone was preparing food.  He knocked on the door.  His door opened the door.  Seeing Nana ji in front, he was stunned and shouted happily and shouted loudly: "Mummy! Papa !! Look, Nana ji has come, Nana ji has come ...."
 The parents looked towards the door.  Thought, 'Are we not dreaming!'  The daughter arose with joy, "Aha! Today after fifteen years, my father has come."  Strangled with love, could not speak anything.  The seeker placed fruits and sweets on the table and folded both hands and said to the son-in-law: "Son! I have made all the mistakes, forgive me."

As soon as the word "forgiveness" came out, the love of his heart started flowing like a teardrop.  The son-in-law fell at his feet and started crying and apologizing for his mistake.  The father-in-law's beloved daughter fell on the son-in-law's son and the son-in-law's repentance and love-loving tear-down at the feet of the father-in-law.  The father began to apologize to the daughter and the daughter to his aged father.  A deep sea of ​​forgiveness and love exploded.  All quiet, silent!  Everyone's eyes started flowing continuously.  Son-in-law got up and brought the money and placed it in front of father-in-law.  The father-in-law said: "Son, today I have not come to take these clams. I have come to shed my mistake, to make my practice alive, and to destroy the hatred, to shed the Ganges of love.
 My arrival was successful, my sorrow disappeared.  Now I feel bliss. "
 The son-in-law said: "Father! I will not lose my heart till you take these money. Please, please take these money."
 The seeker took the money from the son-in-law and distributed it among the daughters and daughters as per his wish.  Everyone sat in the car, reached home.  Fifteen years later, at that midnight, when the union of mother-daughter, brother-sister, sister-in-law and children met, it seemed as if the love had reached there, wearing only a body.  The whole family was reeling in the bottomless sea of ​​love.  After seeking forgiveness, the sadness, anxiety, tension, fear, despair of that seeker has all disappeared and there is boundless peace in him… * Seeking forgiveness and forgiveness fills you with divinity

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