Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Three qualities of alcohol

Three qualities of alcohol

 Thakur Saheb used to live in a hideout.
 He had only one Kunwar but he was a big drunker.
 bidi, cigarettes, alcohol were bread and water for him.
 After a few days he fell ill while drinking.
 Thakur got his son treated very well, but there was no end to the illness.
 All medicines went waste.
 One day an experienced officer came to that village.
 He started the treatment of Thakur's boy.
 Kunwarji asked- What will be avoided?
 Hakim said- Do not panic, you will not have to give up alcohol.
 Kunwar was very happy to hear this.
 He said- All the Hakim who came earlier were all Anadi.
 He had asked to quit alcohol along with the medicine,
 But you are very intelligent and experienced.
 Kunwar had deep faith in Hakeem.
 After a few days, the boy asked Hakim - how did you allow me to consume alcohol? '
 Vaidya said in the scriptures that three qualities of alcohol are mentioned.
 A person who is an alcoholic does not have a thief in his house
 He doesn't have to walk
 One does not have to be a victim of old age.
 Kunwar asked wonder-how?
 Hakim said -
 The addict does not sleep at night due to coughing.
 He coughs all night long.
 So the thieves do not dare to go to his house.
 His power is depleted, so that he cannot walk.
 So he has to take a ride.
 He dies in his youth, due to which he does not have to see the face of old age.
 Listening to Hakim's words, Kunwar gave up all addictions including alcohol and slowly recovered.

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