Saturday, October 19, 2019

Confused mind (man ki uljhan )

Even with a little fiber in the yarn, it does not penetrate the needle hole. In the same way, due to the slightest lust in the mind, he does not get absorbed in the attention of the stepmen of God.
* The prudent intellect by which the mind is subjugated, that mind is the friend of the living being and if the mind is not conquered, it harms the life of the enemy in every way.
* Those who come in contact with the subjects like Rupa Rasa and remain unobtrusive, and those who are observant in the dead stone and gold are said to be self-righteous. The mind is strong which forcibly takes the seeker in subjects. Therefore, mind is the reason for salvation and bondage.
* Once there is a feeling of intimacy with God, then there is no fear in the world, she is a father - mother or brother - in such a way that there is no need of praising any means, but without their special grace Can not own.

* No deed of sin or virtue is destroyed without fruit, so the person who performs the auspicious deeds, will surely get the result, no power or deity can stop this rule, by adding means, you can reduce the effect of the opposite situation only ------.
* Dhyana Yoga is very difficult, it requires many efforts, Yama Niyam easy pranayam pratyahar dharanaadhyana and by achieving siddhi benefits in samadhi, only one can achieve the goal of meditation Brahmi status. Yama Niyam, etc., that spiritual practice also has to be done in a senseless way....
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