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Shri Jateshwar mahadev

Shree Jateshwar Mahadev

The story of Shri Jateshwar Mahadev is associated with the redressal of King Veeradhanva and the faults he committed in the forest. The narrative presented shows the importance of sages and sages. The king could find peace only on the path suggested by the sage.

According to mythology there was once a king named Viradhanwa. He was religious, famous and famous on earth. Once they went to the forest to hunt. There they saw arrows in the form of antelope and fired arrows. Where he shot the arrows, he was in reality the five sons of the Samvart Brahmins who were wandering in the arrogance. His antelope is rooted in the story of a curse he received. According to that legend, once the five young children of the deer were killed by those Brahmin sons. On going home, the boys narrated the whole account to their father and asked the way of atonement. That's when Bhrigu Rishi, Atri Rishi and Abhi Rishi arrived. On knowing all the things, he said that in order to make atonement, you should wear deer skin for five years and stay in the forest. Thus they were wandering in the five forests and after a year, King Veeradhanva killed them as deer.
When the king came to know that he was a Brahmin son, he was very sad. Trembling with fear, he reached Devrat Muni and told him everything. Devrat Muni asked them to remain calm and said that by the grace of Lord Janardhana your sin will be removed. The king was enraged at the general reaction of the sage and killed the sage with a sword. After this murder, he became more angry, wandering in the forest, losing balance, and while he killed the Kapil cow of the Galav sage. With astounding intelligence, he wandered in the forest, becoming directionless.

Once the king was seen wandering in the forest, Muni Vamdev. On seeing the king, they knew the whole past. The king started telling them that he had killed a Brahmin, killed a cow, he was deeply saddened by this defect. Then the sage said to the king that your intellect is rooted due to some deeds of earlier times and that is why you have been accused of killing Brahm. You immediately go to Mahakal forest. See the divine linga located north of Anarkeshwar there. Only by seeing them can you be saved. According to the sage, King Mahakal reached the forest and upon reaching there, he worshiped the Shiva lingam as told by Muni Vamdev. As a result of their worship, Jatadhari Shiva appeared from that Linga and gave the king a boon to cleanse his enlightened intellect by freeing him from the guilt of Brahmana. Since then she was called Linga Jateshwar.
Philosophy Benefits:
According to popular belief, darshan of Shri Jateshwar Mahadev eliminates sin and guilt. The condition of a man with corrupt intelligence improves. It is said that at the time of Shraddha, the person who reads this story of Jateshwar, his Shraddha is pleased with the fathers. Shri Jateshwar Mahadev, one of the eighty four Mahadevs located in Ujjayini, is located at the place of Ravana combustion in Gaya Kotha.

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