Sunday, October 27, 2019

Why is Lakshmi in the feet of Lord Vishnu

Why is Lakshmi in the feet of Lord Vishnu

 Ever thought of a picture of Lord Vishnu, lying comfortably above Sheshnag in the middle sea and Lakshmi is pressing her feet.  Ever wondered what this form of Lord Vishnu is pointing towards.  It has a very deep and serious message for us.  If it is assimilated, then our family and social life can change to a great extent.  Let us understand what this picture of Lord Vishnu is teaching us?

 There are three major Gods of this creation, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Brahma creates the universe, Vishnu governs it and Shiva destroys it.  Vishnu is the driver of the universe.  They fulfill our every need, establish the religion, and when iniquity is heavy on religion, they also incarnate.  In more simple terms, Vishnu is the God of worldliness or householder.  They live in Kshirsagar, this world is also like an ocean, in which happiness and sorrow are all full.  They lie on the bed of Sheshnag, so does the life of a householder.  The one who is the head of the household has many responsibilities over him, so Sheshnag has many functions.  Nevertheless, the face of Vishnu smiles, it teaches that no matter how many responsibilities we are surrounded with, we should not lose patience, there should be peace of mind and behavior so that not a single member of the family can stay away from you.  Lakshmi is at the feet of Vishnu and is serving her.  Here are two messages: The first one who performs his responsibilities efficiently, keeps the family tied to the door of love, Lakshmi is always in her feet in service.  The second message can be understood in such a way that family and duty have first place in our life and Lakshmi's last, only then our love will never have greed or fascination.

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