Monday, October 28, 2019

Shiva is everything

Shivaham = I (Shiva) is Shiva.
 Nityoham = I am (soul) eternal. I tomorrow
 Was too, still today and tomorrow
 Shuddhoham = the ultimate without disorder
 I am pure
 Buddhahoam = Akhanda in the form of Buddha,
 I am irreplaceable
 In Muktoham = beyond all the bondage, always
 I am free
 Shivaham Shivaham Shiva Swaroopam.
 Nityoham Shuddhoham Buddhahoam Muktoham.
 Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya
 Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya….
 Shiva means welfare…
 Shiva is unborn, Shiva is infinite…
 Shiva is the Guru, Shiva is the knowledge ..
 Shiva is music, Shiva is dance…
 Shiva has Krishna and Krishna has Shiva…
 Shiva is Yoga and Yoga is Shiva.
 Shiva is worshiped by Shree Rama and Rama is Shiva.
 Shiva is within you and I have Shiva in my breath…
 Adoration to Lord Shiva...
 Kali Yuga only named Adhara,
 Sumir Sumir nar utarahin para.
 Sumir Sumir nar Pavahi Para.
 May every breath be yours
 This is how life should pass.
 Hey Nath!  Oh my Nath!  let me not forget you !!
 Hey Nath!  Oh my Nath!  let me not forget you !!

 When someone worries - Simran !!
 When the distraught mind gets nervous - Simran !!
 There is no way out - Simran !!
 If you do not understand, Simran !!
 🙏 Simran, Simran, Simran!

Note :-Simran means to remember God by heart

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