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Glory of "Ram" name(Ram naam ki mahima)

"Yourself the glory of the name dear Ram

Shree Mahadev ji sings in this way

- "When I hear the letter 'Ra' from someone's mouth
I'll take that
Time would have given him his best devotion.
And when I pronounce the word 'M'
Swami listen to the name of your supreme friend Shri Ram
Let me follow him with greed ".

* The glory of the name Ram by Devadidev Mahadev Ji *

*** Seeing Mahadev ji once bowing to someone without any reason, Parvati ji asked, who do you keep bowing to?

Shiva ji says to his wife Parvati ji, O Goddess! I bow down to the person who says * Ram * once.

*** Parvati ji once asked Shiva, why do you go to the crematorium and why do they appear on the body of a pyre?

At the same time, Shivji took Parvati ji to the crematorium. A dead body was brought there for the funeral. People were bringing the corpse by saying * Ram name is truth *.

Shiva Ji said that look, Parvati comes to this crematorium when people come to remember the name * Ram *. And for the sake of this body, my beloved divine * Ram * name comes out from the mouth of many people, I come to the crematorium to listen to the same, and I am of this body which is made to chant the name of * Ram * from the mouth of so many people. I respect, I bow, and after burning in the fire, I apply his ashes on my body. I have so much love for the one who called * Ram *.

*** Once Shiva reached Kailash and asked Bahujan from Parvati ji. Parvati ji was reciting Vishnu Sahasranama. Parvati ji said that the lesson is not yet complete, please wait for a while. Shiv ji said that it will take both time and labor. Take the remedy in the way saints shorten the name of Sahasra and chant daily.

Parvati ji asked how do they take measures? I want to listen
Shiv ji said, just say * Ram * once, you will get the fruit of taking one thousand names of Sahasra, Lord. One * Rama * name is similar to a thousand divine names. Parvati ji did the same.

Parvatuvach -
* Kenopayen Miniature Vishornam Sahasrakan? *
* Prityate Panditarnyatyam Srotumichamyam Prabho. *

God speaks
* Shri Ram Ram Rameti, Ramay Ramay Manorama. *
* Sahasra Naam Tattulya Rama Naam Varanane. *

This * Ram * name is the destroyer of all disasters, the giver of all wealth, the rest of the world. That is why I salute it again and again.

* Apadampahartaram dataram sarvasampadam. *
* Lokabhiramam sriramam bhuyo bhuyo namahayam .. *

All the problems and sorrows of the Bhava Sagar are roaring / destroying the seeds of the grudge, earning the wealth of happiness, chasing (chanting) the name * Rama *, expelling / destroying the Yama messengers.

* Bharjanam bhava bijanam, arjanam sukh sampadam. *
* Tarjanmayam Dootanam, Ram Rameti Garjanam. *

Effortlessly, one should keep chanting the name * Rama * and inspire others to chant the name * Rama *. This results in immediate welfare of oneself and others. This is the most accessible and surest solution. That is why in our country the salutation is done by saying * Ram Ram *.

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