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Karma Chakra and Karma Bandhan

Karma Chakra and Karma Bandhan

Improve the Karma Chakra…

 Yoga: Karmasu Kaushalam.

 That is, the efficiency of karma is yoga.  All the measures for the efficiency of karma are included in it.
 Arjun said, "O Janardan!
 When you say that knowledge is superior and valid than deeds, then why are you asking me to do deeds?  Your words are confusing my intelligence. '
 Shri Krishna said, "O sinless!  There are two types of loyalties in this world, one is the knowledge which the Sankhya yogis perform and the other is the karma which the Karma yogi does.  Both of these are essential for every human being.  Man can never live without doing karma, without karma he neither attains Samkhya Yoga nor Karma Yoga.
 'O Arjun!  I do not have anything worth getting in this world, yet I keep doing karma.  If I work with the senses myself, I will do great damage.

 Ignorant human beings work with the senses, but knowledgeable people take care of the welfare of the world and do deeds with detachment.
 What happens with karma: The results of karma are different from attachment and depravity.  Karma is tied to the mind - it is called karmbandh.  This bond becomes a seed form in death and then takes roots in the next life.
 It is said in Hinduism texts that life is a cycle, so it is important to understand this cycle.  Your future emerges from your thinking and your actions.  One who understands this Karma Chakra also thinks of being skilled in Karma.  Success in life is achieved only by being skilled in karma.
 The cycle of bad karma: If you have been doing deeds prohibited by religion and society, then surely it will be difficult to get rid of its habit by practicing it.  It is difficult to get rid of any action on the mind.  If the person keeps on getting worse than bad, then understand this cycle.
 Certainly if we drop the first cycle standing in the queue, then there is a possibility that the last cycle may also fall.

 How to become proficient in karma: To get anything, one has to do karma and for that there is no desire to get anything, you will have to do karma too.  Yoga and Gita show us the way to live in reality.  Most people live with regrets of the past and imagination of the future.  Yoga says that awareness is born by living in the present.  This awareness gives the right direction to our thinking.  That is why we are motivated to do the right thing.  To be skilled in karma one should study the truth of yoga and the tenacity and self-study of the law.  Kriya yoga cuts the bond of karma.

 Ultimately, the science of karma is so detailed that it is not possible to fully explain it here, but for those who understand the Karma Chakra and Karma Bandha, there are methods in Yoga that can improve the 'Chakra' and the old Karma.  Can be freed from the 'bondage' of ...

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