Monday, October 28, 2019

Life is a lesson

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 A bitter truth: the story of a beggar

 Manoj used to see a beggar every day when he passed through the bus stand every day.  That beggar would come and join hands in front of people and try to ask for something.  Manoj was very sad to see her.

 The beggar was an old man.  It seems as if it is not known how many days you have not got enough food.  Only the bone structure was left in the body.  Whenever a person passed by him, he would look towards him with great expectation.

 One day the condition of that old man was not seen from Manoj, he thought in his mind that, O God, why does not this beggar be called to him, what a pathetic condition it has become.  Thinking like this, Manoj went to the beggar and said - Baba, I see you sitting here every day for a long time, your condition is so bad, why do you want to live still?

 Why begging here every day?  Why don't you pray to God to call you to Him.

 The beggar looked at Manoj with a smile and said - If I want a son, I am also that God may call me soon, but maybe his will is something else, he wants to keep me here among you.

 So that you guys can see me, learn from me that one day you too will have the same fate.  One day you will also be helpless, today, seeing my condition, the heart of people is filled with hatred, but one day you too will become like this.

 These money, beauty, the world is a matter of a moment, rightly said that one day the beggar will become like this too.  The bitter truth is - childhood, youth, old age you cannot stop them.

 Whether you are a child or young or old, keep your actions good, believe in that God.  Life is full of sorrows like this, but he is the upstart he is going to take everyone's boat.  Live happily,
 Live full

 Good morning
 Good morning morning
 Have a nice day

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