Monday, October 28, 2019

Life is life

Good morning

  Today's view πŸ™

 Not everyone gets everything in life.  Everyone should look for perfection by keeping in mind what is and what is not in our control.  Well, the destination of perfection is satisfaction, which is found in making oneself full of personal qualities.

 Most of those who remain unhappy or dissatisfied with their situation, have ignored the reality that we are not in control of all situations or events in life.  There are few things that we can change or adapt according to our own, not all.  Being upset about such things, in which we have no interference, will not be called wise.
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 • Krishnamay Shubh Prabhat •
 Jai Bhole Nath πŸ”” 🌿
 Good morning have a nice and beautiful day

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