Thursday, October 24, 2019


'Devo Bhootwa Devan Yajet'

This is the main principle of worship and it means to be situated 'Up', that is, near, 'Asan'. Go, that is its purpose and purpose.

The worship of Lord Hanuman is very important for human beings, especially for youth and children, in this odd situation today. Goswami Tulsidas ji received help from him in the struggle.

Today they reach wherever Shri Ram Katha takes place and listen to Shri Ram Katha by bowing his head, thrilled, with tears in his eyes.
Hanuman ji is a vivid example of Bhagwat element science, devotion and service.

Let me join hands and listen, Veer Hanuman.
Protect yourself from sufferings, Ram bhakti and donations
Pawanputra Hanuman ..
_ / \ _ Maruti Nandan Namo Namah _ / \ _ Khushan Bhanjan Namo Namah _ / \ _
_ / \ _ Asura Nikandan Namo Namah _ / \ _ Sriramdootam Namo Namah _ / \ _

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