Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Master – disciple relationship(Guru-Shishya relationship)

The Guru-disciple was walking through a forest.  A waterfall was flowing from some distance.  Master felt thirsty.  He asked the disciple to bring water to the kamandal by filling it.
 The disciple reached near the water and saw that the bullock carts had just come out from there, which made the water there dirty and the dried leaves were swimming.
 The disciple came and told Guruji - "Water will have to be managed elsewhere."  But Guruji repeatedly asked the disciple to bring water from there.  Every time the disciple would see that the water was dirty yet….  For the fifth time, when asked to bring water from there, the disciple had feelings of resentment and anger.
 The disciple could not violate Guruji's command, so he went there again.  This time the disciple saw that the water of the spring was calm and clean.  He happily brought water to the pot for Guruji to drink.
 While taking water from the disciple's hand, Guruji smiled and explained to the disciple - "Watts! Our mind also keeps the water of the river polluting the bulls of illusions. Therefore, we should wait for the waterfall of our mind to calm down, then only the mind  Clean thoughts will come in. Never take any decision with a raised mind.
 Story Summary: Only a calm mind can be clean, so don't ever let the thought ballos dominate your mind.  Just keep doing the deed with sincerity, keep the mind from getting dirty.

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