Friday, October 25, 2019

Deepawali Special Issue

🏵️🏵️!!  Maiya Jai ​​Laxmi Mata !!. 🏵️🏵️


 Deepawali special issue: ~ Religion in my eyes ... Dha-dharna or did, R- is from the Sanskrit "kar" is hand.  M-by me or I, the idea that I voluntarily held, the idea that I applied to life to run my life.  Religion is not the root, religion is not the burden of keeping the traditions, but among the elders, scriptures, gurus, society, customs prevalent in the society, which we choose according to our compatibility and according to our ability, that is the religion ... More  The religion that we choose was the same, whether it was class or place in our society, the religion of the parents went with them, whatever religion you choose became yours.

 The same rule applies in worship, devotion and service, whether your prayers are to get something from the Lord or to receive the Lord, but there is also a third way to be very reluctant to go to it, and that is "to become like the Lord".  That too in this life… !!

 Let us give you some special information for this Diwali today .....

 Bury this thing under this tree on Diwali, all your troubles will be finished: ~
 Even before the arrival of Diwali, its effects have started appearing in homes and markets.  Everyone is preparing to celebrate this year's biggest festival in a good way.  According to the scriptures, the festival of Diwali is very auspicious.  There are many chances of getting success in whatever work is done on this day.  God listens to you the most these days.  Not only this, if you do any remedy or trick these days, the results are also seen quickly.  Keeping this in mind, today we are going to tell you a very special and unique solution.  If you do this remedy on Diwali, then many problems in your life will be eradicated automatically.
 On the day of Diwali, after taking bath, bring 5 leaves of Peepal.  Make sure that all these leaves are green and not cut or torn from anywhere.  Now come home with these leaves and put a red cloth in front of God.  Put these five peepal leaves on this cloth as well.  Now place a rupee coin on the first leaf.  This coin will help in removing your money related problems.
 On the second leaf you make a swastika mark with vermilion(Sindoor) and water.  This will boost your luck and all the work will be done easily.  Put some grains of wheat and rice on the third leaf.  Due to this, there will never be a shortage of food in your house and it will remain forever  Make a cross mark on the fourth leaf with the help of kajal.  You will never see anyone's evil eyes and the enemy will not be able to spoil your hair either.  Finally put your five fingerprints on the fifth leaf.  For this, you dip your fingers in turmeric solution and print it on the leaves.  This will remove your bad luck and bad luck.
 Now perform the aarti of God.  After the aarti is finished, first of all aarti is offered to God, second aarti should be given to the five leaves placed on this red cloth and in the end you also take this aarti yourself.  Now fold your forehead in front of God and tie this red cloth and make a bundle of it.  Keep in mind that the five leaves and the materials placed on them should be in this red colored cloth.  Now take this bundle and go to a peepal tree.  Here, worship Peepal with Kumkum and Turmeric and apply 5 incense sticks.  Now dig a pit in the ground under this tree and bury this bundle of red color in it.  Now when you go from there, do not look back and see the peepal tree.

 If you do these remedies on Diwali day, you may get very shocking results.  Bhagwati Annapurna ji fill all your treasuries.

 🚩 !!  Jai Srilakshminarayan !! 🚩

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