Sunday, October 20, 2019

Deepawali Special

Why is the lamp lit in worship?

The lamp symbolizes light and represents the sun. In Hinduism, the first thing to be done is the tradition of offering light to God and lighting a lamp. But why it is lit. Very few people know this thing. Before we go to do any auspicious work, the elders of the house say that lamps should be lit in the temple. Your work will be auspicious. Know how many beliefs are there about this. Which is spread in people's minds. Know why the lamp is lit in worship.
It is believed that considering the fire god as a witness, the work done in his presence is definitely successful. Agni is also one of the five elements that help in our anatomy. The second fire is the changed form of the sun on earth. Therefore, during the worship of any deity, a lamp is lit to concentrate the energy. We get inspiration from the lamp to rise high. Sins are destroyed by deep light. The enemy is calm. Age, health, virtue, happiness are attained. It is said in the scriptures that lamps should always be lit in odd numbers 1,3,5, 7 and 9. The importance of lamp is further highlighted that light is a symbol of knowledge. God is everywhere in the form of light and knowledge. By attaining knowledge, the mental disorders of ignorance are removed and the social elements are eradicated. Therefore, worship of light is called worship of God. The purpose behind lighting a lamp while doing aarti in the temple is that the Lord take our mind towards light. Take us from death to immortality. The things related to the lighting of the lamp are also found in the Rigveda, which is described through it.

Religious reasons to light a lamp
The lamp is considered a symbol of knowledge and light. Deepak is given special importance in pooja lessons. The tradition of lighting lamps in odd numbers has been going on for centuries. According to our religious scriptures, lighting lamps is considered mandatory at the time of worship. Aarti with the lamp of Ghee brings happiness and prosperity in the house. Aarti with the lamp of Ghee is the permanent residence of Lakshmi Ji in the house.

Scientific reasons for lighting a lamp-

The lamp is considered a symbol of positivity, and igniting the lamp removes poverty. Ghee made from cow's milk has more ability to remove microbes. This cow's ghee makes the whole environment pure and removes pollution whenever exposed to fire in a lamp.

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