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God of the Origin of the World- Lord Surya

God of the Origin of the World- Lord Surya

 In the Sanatan Dharma, Lord Surya is not considered to be just a planet, but Lord Bhaskar Surya has been considered as the most important deity in the world.  The eyes of Lord Shiva and Shri Hari Vishnu have been told that both these divine entities see the actions of all beings in the world.  The glory of Lord Shri Surya begins to be found only in the early rites of the Rig Veda and he is depicted as a great deity in the #Rigveda. The Lord Surya is said to be the creator of the material world.  Although we know #Brahma, #Vishnu and #Mahesh in Tridevas but there is another category of Tridevas in which Surya, Vayu and Indra are considered as Tridev.  Lord Sri Hari Vishnu was born as Lord Sri Rama in the Surya dynasty.  Lord Surya and twelve Adityas are considered to be the first and Lord Shri Hari Vishnu is also placed in the category of Adityas.  Apart from Lord Shri Hari Vishnu, only Lord Surya is the only deity in whose reverence most festivals are celebrated.  Festivals like Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Achala Saptami, Chhath Puja, Ayathar Puja, Rath Saptami etc. are dedicated to Lord Surya.  Lord Surya is respected not only in #Sanatan Hinduism but in almost all religions of the world except Jain Buddhist.  In Greek religion the god Surya is called Helius.  Not only India but many countries of the world have temples dedicated to Lord Surya.  Lord #Surya rides the chariot and draws seven horses to his chariot.  These seven horses symbolize seven days or seven colors.  The charioteer of the Sun's chariot is Arun, the form of the morning.  Chhath festival celebrated in Bihar in India is one such festival in which Arghya is also offered to the setting sun.  Lord Surya is also associated with Yoga and Surya Namaskar is considered one of the best rugs of yoga.

Spiritual and scientific significance of Chhath Puja.

||  Know, Chhath Puja - Spiritual Science ||

 Chhath or Surya-puja is performed from the Mahabharata period.  It is said that Chhath-puja was started by Suryaputra Karna.  Karna was the supreme devotee of Lord Surya.  According to the Puranas, he used to offer arghya to the sun by standing in the water for hours every day.  He became a great warrior by the grace of Surya.  Another description of Surya Puja is found in Mahabharata.  According to this, Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, wished for the best health of her family and performed regular sun worship for a long life.

 Chhathpuja is a festival mainly associated with Sun worship, which has a special place in Sanatan Dharma.  Among the deities of Sanatana Dharma, Surya is such a deity that can be seen in tangible form.
 The main sources of Sun's powers are his wife Usha and Pratyusha.  In Chhath, there is a combined worship of both the powers along with the Sun.  In the morning, the first ray (Usha) of the Sun and the last ray (Pratyusha) of the Sun in the evening are offered to both of them.
 Suryopasana Rig has been happening in India since Vedic period.  The Sun and its worship are discussed in detail in Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana etc.  By the middle ages, Chhath became revered as the systematic festival of Suryopasana, which is still going on.

 Chhath-festival is of four days.  It starts from the third day of Bhai Dooj.  On the first day, sandha salt, ghee made of arva rice and pumpkin vegetable are taken as prasad.
 Fasting starts from the next day.  Kheer is made at night on this day.  Fasters take this prasad at night.
 Arghya means milk to the sun on the third day.
 Arghya is offered to the rising sun on the last day.  In this worship, purity is taken care of;  Garlic is onion taboos.  It is said in the Bhavishya Purana, that this fast, dedicated to Lord Surya, should be observed on the Shashti Tithi of the Shukla Paksha of each month.  It is said that whatever desire is expressed on the Chhath-festival from Surya and Shashti Mata is definitely fulfilled within a year.

 What to do on this day -

 * Bathing of Ganga is of special importance on this day, the person who cannot go to take a bath in the Ganges, should take a few drops of Ganga water in the bath water at home and take bath.
 * Suryopasana as soon as the sun god rises in the morning.  Keep in mind that do not worship Suryop until Sun God is visible directly.
 * Chant Surya Mantras.
 * Take Panchagavya.
 * Eat salt-free food once a day.
 * Red color is very dear to Sun God, so he is offered saffron, red sandalwood, red flowers, red fruits, gulal, red cloth, red sweets etc.


 Chhath Puja related to science

 * Chhath-Parv is the festival of Sanatan Dharma celebrated on the Shashti Tithi of Kartik Shukla.  The scientific basis behind Chhath-puja is hidden.  Dasual Shashthi Tithi (Chhath) is a special astronomical event.  At this time, the sun's ultraviolet rays collect more than normal on the surface of the Earth.  The ability to protect humans from its ill effects lies in this tradition.  According to this festival, the sun (star) protects organisms from the harmful effects of light (ultraviolet rays).
 * Along with sunlight, its ultraviolet rays also fall on the Moon and Earth.  When sunlight reaches the earth, it first gets atmosphere.  Upon entering the atmosphere, he gets the first Ayan Mandal.  Using ultraviolet rays, the atmosphere synthesizes its oxygen element and converts it into its allotropic ozone.  By this action, most of the sun's ultraviolet rays are absorbed into the Earth's atmosphere.  Only a negligible part of it reaches the surface of the Earth.  Under normal conditions, the amount of ultraviolet rays reaching the surface of the Earth is within the range of tolerance of humans or organisms.

Therefore, it does not have any special harmful effects on humans in normal stages, rather harmful germs die by that sunlight, which benefits human life only.

 From the scientific point of view,

 there is a special astronomical change on the sixth day (Chhath), at this time, the ultra violet rays of the Sun collect more than normal on the surface of the Earth, due to this its possible  The ability to protect humans as much as possible from ill effects is gained.  It is possible to protect organisms from the harmful effects of sun (star) light (ultraviolet rays) from observance of the festival.  Earth's creatures get a lot of benefit from this.  Along with sunlight, its ultraviolet rays also hit the Moon and Earth.  When the sunlight reaches the earth, the atmosphere is first met.  Upon entering the atmosphere, it gets an ion system.  Using ultraviolet rays, the atmosphere synthesizes its oxygen element and converts it into its allotropic ozone.  By this action, most of the sun's ultraviolet rays are absorbed into the Earth's atmosphere.  Only a negligible part of it reaches the surface of the Earth.  Under normal conditions, the amount of ultraviolet rays reaching the surface of the Earth is within the range of tolerance of humans or organisms.  Therefore, it does not have any special harmful effects on humans in the normal state, rather the harmful germs die by that sunlight, which benefits man or life.  The celestial position of the Chhath (at both ends of the equator of the moon and the Earth's traveling plane) reaches the Earth again in greater quantities than the sun's ultraviolet rays, reflected from some lunar surface and some spherical refracted.  Recurring from the atmosphere levels, at sunset and sunrise it becomes even more dense.  According to astrological calculations, this event comes after six days of Kartik and Chaitra month.  Being based on astrological calculations, it is named nothing else but Chhath festival.

Chhath Puja Introduction and Importance.

Mahaparva Chhath Puja is of special importance, know some important things related to this festival.

 Chhath Puja, the Mahaparava of Surya worship, is performed on the sixth day immediately after the five-day Diwali festival.  Preparations for this puja are going on in full swing.  Bihar has been the main center of this festival celebrated in eastern India, but with the passage of time, this festival is being celebrated not only in the whole country but also abroad.  According to the Hindi calendar, this Mahaparava is celebrated from Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month to Saptami Tithi.  On this festival lasting four days, the whole family gathers together and celebrates it with pomp.  Let us tell you everything related to this festival ...
he beginning of fasting with Nahai-Khay.
 Starting from the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, this mahaparva is known by many names like Chhath Puja, Chhathi Mai, Surya Shashthi Puja Chhath, Chhath Mai Puja, Dala Chhath, etc.  This time Chhath Puja starts from October 31.  On the first day of Chhath Puja, there is a bath.  It is believed that before performing this fast, both body and mind should be clean.  On the day of Nahay-Khay, the devotees take bath and wear new clothes and eat pure satvik food.  On this day, eating gram and lentil vegetables is of special importance.

 Swear on the second day of the fast.  .

 Kharna is to be done on the second day after Nahay-Khay.  On the day of Kharna, the fasters do not eat or drink anything throughout the day.  In the evening, Jaggery Kheer is made as a special offering by fasting stripes.  The Vratis take this prasad after performing the Puja.  The Prasad is given to all the members of the household after receiving the offerings of fasting stripes.  On this day, Vratis also make offerings for the next day's worship.  This time Kharna is on 1 November.

 Arghya to the setting sun on the third day.

The worship of the rising sun has special significance in Hinduism.  But during Chhath Puja, the setting sun is worshiped.  The fasters keep the Nirjala fast throughout the day and prepare for worship in the evening.  In the river or pond, the devotees stand and offer the sun to the drowning sun.  After offering arghya to the Sun, the devotees start preparing for the next day's worship.  This time this arghya will be given on 2 November.

 End of worship on the fourth day.

 The worship ends on the fourth day of Chhath Puja i.e. Saptami Tithi.  The rising sun is worshiped on this day.  The fast ends this time on 3 November.  After worshiping the Sun, offerings are made to the people present there.

 Normally, people consider taking something as inferior, but there is a special tradition of eating offerings after offering arghya in Chhath Puja.  Behind this tradition of asking for prasadam, this belief is also told that it destroys arrogance.  It is natural for everyone to be proud of this great tradition of India.

 Importance of 'Chhath Puja'

 This worship has special significance in Bihar.  This Mahaparava is also known by the names of Chhath Puja, Chhathi Mai Puja, Dala Chhath, Surya Shashthi Puja and Chhath Parv. This festival of four days includes Nahai Khay, Kharana, Sandhya Ghat and Bhorwa Ghat.
 Apart from religious significance, there are a lot of scientific facts associated with these rituals.  During this puja, devotees pray on the river bank during sunrise or sunset.  It has been proved in science that during this time the ultraviolet rays of the sun are very low and it is beneficial for the body to stay in sunlight during this time.

Chhath Puja: narration, history, story, preparation, tradition and greatness

.  "Chhath Puja"

 Thursday 31 October 2019 (Nahai-Khay)

 Friday, 01 November 2019, (Kharna)

 Saturday 02 November 2019, (evening prayer)

 Sunday 03 November 2019, (Morning)

 Chhath is a Hindu festival celebrated every year with great eagerness by the people.  It is a very ancient festival of Hinduism, dedicated to the God of energy, also known as Surya or Surya Shashthi.  People celebrate this festival to thank Lord Surya for getting the blessings of life on earth forever.  People worship Lord Surya with great enthusiasm and pray for success and progress for the good of their family members, friends and elders.  According to Hindu religion, the worship of Surya is related to the treatment of certain diseases like leprosy etc.

 On this day, it is customary to get up early and bathe in the holy Ganga and fast for the whole day, even they do not drink water and stand in water for a long time.  They offer offerings and arghya to the rising sun.  It is celebrated in various states of India, such as Bihar, U.P., Jharkhand and Nepal.  According to Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the sixth day of the Kartik month (in October and November).
 In some places Chaitri is celebrated a few days after Holi in the month of Chhatra Chaitra (March and April).  It is named Chhath because it is celebrated on the sixth day of Kartik month.  Chhath Puja is very famous in Dehri-on-Sone, Patna, Dev and Gaya.  It is now celebrated all over India.


 Chhath Puja has great importance in Hinduism and it is believed that the king had requested the old priests to come and do traditional worship of Lord Surya.  He recited mantras and sources from the ancient Rigveda and worshiped the Sun God.  The ancient Chhath Puja was performed by the Pandavas and Draupadi of Hastinapur (New Delhi) to solve their problems and regain their kingdom.  It is also believed that Chhath Puja was started by Surya son Karna.  He was a great warrior during the Mahabharata war and was the ruler of Angadesh (Munger district of Bihar).
 On the day of Chhath Puja, Chhathi Maiya (wife of Lord Surya) is also worshiped, Chhath Maiya is also known as Usha in the Vedas.  Usha means morning (first ray of the day).  People pray to the sixth maiya to overcome their troubles as well as to attain salvation or liberation.
 The second historical story behind celebrating Chhath Puja is that of Lord Rama.  It is believed that after 14 years of exile when Lord Rama and Mother Sita came back to Ayodhya and fasted during the coronation, worshiped Lord Surya in the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month.  From that time, Chhath Puja became an important and traditional festival of Hinduism and people started celebrating the same date every year.


 Long time ago, there was a king named Priyavrata and his wife was Malini.  He lived very happily but there was a lot of grief left in his life that he had no children.  With the help of Maharishi Kashyap, he decided to perform a huge yagna for the blessings of children.  Due to the effect of yajna, his wife became pregnant.  But after 9 months they gave birth to a dead child.  The king was very sad and decided to commit suicide.  While suddenly committing suicide, a goddess appeared in front of him.  Devi said, I am Devi VI and whoever worships me with a pure mind and soul, definitely gets a child.  King Priyavrat did the same and he got a beautiful and loving child as a blessing of the Goddess.  Since then, people started celebrating Chhath Puja.


 In the worship of Chhath, every method and legislation has been given importance.  Worshiping material is of special importance in these statutes as well as Chhath Puja is considered incomplete without these materials.  The complete list of the worship material which is important for Chhath Puja is as follows: - Bamboo or Pital Soup, Daura made from bamboo shafts, Dulia and Dagra, Coconut with water, Sugarcane with leaf, Mouth, Sweet potato, Turmeric and  Ginger plant (good if green), pear, lemon big, honey box, betel nut and betel nut, carav, vermilion, camphor, kumkum, rice (Akshat), sandalwood, sweets.  In addition, home-made dishes such as Thekuva, Crispy, Puva, also known as Tikri in some areas, Rice Laddus, also known as Ladua, etc. are included in the ingredients of Chhath Pujan.


 It is believed that a person performing Chhath Puja is separated from his main family for 4 days after the period of abstinence after taking a holy bath.  Throughout the period he sleeps on the floor with a blanket with pure emotion.  It is generally believed that once a family starts Chhath Puja, they and their next generation will have to perform this Puja every year and it can be left only if someone has died in that year.
 Devotees offer offerings to Surya in a small bamboo basket with sweets, kheer, thekua and fruits on Chhath.  Prasad is prepared without salt, onion and garlic to maintain purity.  It is a 4-day festival which includes: -
 On the first day, the devotees bathe in the holy waters of the Ganges early in the morning and bring some water houses to prepare their offerings.  On this day, cleanliness should be done around the house and the house.  They take a time meal, known as pumpkin-rice, which is made in copper or earthen pot using only wood sticks on an earthen stove.
 On the second day (one day before Chhath) on Panchami, the devotees fast for the whole day and in the evening open the fast after the sun sets after the worship of Prithvi (earth).  They offer kheer, puri, and fruits in worship.  After eating food in the evening, they fast for 36 hours without drinking water.
 On the third day (on the sixth day) they offer sandhya arghya at the ghat along the river.  After wearing Arghya, she wears yellow saree.  Other family members wait to receive blessings from Pooja.  The traditional program is celebrated on the night of Chhath by lighting clay lamps covered with five canes on Kosi.  The five sugarcane represent the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and sky) that make up the human body.
 On the morning of the fourth day (Paruna), devotees along with their family and friends offer Bihaniya Arghya on the banks of the river Ganges.  Devotees open the fast by eating Chhath Prasad.


 Chhath Puja has a special significance during sunrise and sunset.  The time of sunrise and sunset is the most important time of day during which a human body can safely receive solar energy without any harm.  This is the reason that there is a myth of giving Sandhya Arghya and Vihania Arghya to Sun in Chhath Festival.  During this period, the level of ultraviolet radiation in solar energy is low then it is safe for human body.  People perform Chhath Puja to thank Lord Surya for continuing life on earth as well as receiving blessings.
 The ritual of Chhath Puja, by purification (body and mind) provides mental peace, increases energy levels and immunity, greatly reduces the frequency of burning anger, as well as negative emotions.  It is also believed that Chhath Puja helps slow down the aging process.  Such beliefs and customs make the Chhath ritual the most important festival in Hinduism.
 "Chhath Puja date in 2019"
 Thursday 31 October 2019 is a day for bathing and eating. (Nahai-Khay)
 Friday, 01 November 2019, is a day of fasting that ends after sunset after a fast of 36 hours. (Kharna)
 Saturday 02 November 2019 is the day of Sandhya Arghya which is known as Sandhya Pujan.  (Evening prayer)
 Sunday 03 November 2019, Sunrise is the opening day of Arghya and Paran or fasting.  (Early morning)


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KIRAT SHIV-When Shiva took the test of Arjuna.

 KIRAT SHIVA:-When Shiva took the test of Arjuna.

When the Pandavas were spending time in the forest along with Draupadi, seeing all their sufferings, Shri Krishna and Maharishi Vyasji appealed to Arjuna to please Lord Shiva and get him a bride.  He also told Arjuna the way to please Lord Shiva.

 Veer Arjun reached Mount Indrakil as instructed by Vyasji to please Shiva and to overcome the troubles faced by his kingdom.  He built a Shiva lingam on the banks of Jahwavi and started doing penance while duly worshiping that lingam.  When Indra came to know about this by his detectives, he immediately understood the desire of Arjuna and immediately took care of the aged Brahmachari and came there and after receiving the hospitality of Arjuna in many ways to distract him, distract him.  He tried, but when he could not succeed in this, then he came in front of Arjun in his real form.

 He preached Shivaji's divine mantra to Arjuna and disappeared by ordering his followers to protect Arjuna.  Subsequently, according to Maharishi Vyasji's saying, he stood on one leg meditating on Shiva and started chanting 'Om Namah Shivaya'.  Seeing the severe penance of Arjuna, the gods reached Lord Shiva and started praying to provide Arjuna the bride.  Hearing the talk of the gods, Shiva smiled and said- 'You guys should be relaxed.'
 Hearing these words of Lord Shiva, all the gods were satisfied and returned to their respective places.  Here, a demon named 'mook' sent by Duryodhana to Arjuna, took the form of Sukr and uprooted the trees, damaged the mountains.  It did not take Arjun to understand that he wanted to harm me.  He immediately lifted his bow and arrow.

 At the same time, Shiva with his ganas took the form of Bhil and reached there.  At the same moment Sukar stepped in to attack when Bhilraj and Arjun released the arrow together.  Bhilraj's arrow hit the back of Sukra and went out of the mouth into the earth.  The arrow fired by Arjuna fell into the face of Sukr and fell on the earth.  He died instantly.

 Arjuna bent down to take his arrow that at the same moment, a follower of Bhilraj also lied to take that arrow.  Arjun said a lot that this arrow is mine, my name is written in it, yet the retainer remained adamant on his persistence.  In the end, the follower called Arjuna to Objurgative manner and defied the war.

 Arjun also got angry.  He said- 'I will not fight with you, your king.'  When Lord Shiva heard this thing, he, along with his people, got ready for war.  A fierce battle ensued in both.  Shiva, injured by Arjuna's arrow, started running towards all four directions.  Then Kirat Veshadhari Shivji destroyed Arjuna's armor and arrows.  Then Arjuna meditated on Lord Shiva and took hold of that Kirat Veshadhari and started rolling it vigorously.  Then Shiva appeared in his true form.

 Arjun was stunned to find Shivji in front of him.  He immediately bowed to Shivji and began to praise him.  Then Shivji said- 'I am happy with you, ask for a groom'.

 Arjun said- 'Nath!  The enemy's crisis that was hovering over me was overcome by the mere sight of you, so please bless me in such a way that I have great faith.

 Shivji smilingly gave his invincible Pashupat weapon and said- 'vats!  You will always be invincible with this weapon.  Go get victory. '  And then Lord Shiva disappeared.  Arjuna was pleased and returned to his brothers.

Shiva and Rama's mutual love affair.

Shiva and Rama's mutual love affair.

Lord Shiva is favored by 'Rama' and 'Rama' is favored by Shiva.  Such a coincidence is not found in the history that there should be a mutually favorable sentiment between the worshiper and the worshiper, this is what the saint calls 'mutual devobhav'.

 Lord Shiva is pleased by offering water to Shiva by chanting Shiva's favorite mantras 'Om Namah Shivaya' and 'Shriram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram' in Shravan month.

 Lord Rama himself has said

'शिव द्रोही मम दास कहावा सो नर मोहि सपनेहु नहि पावा।'

'Shiva drohi mum Das Kahawa So Nar Mohi Sapnehu Nahi Paawa.'

 - That is, the one who wants to get me by insulting Shiva cannot achieve me even in dreams.  That is why the Sri Ramcharitmanas text with Shiva worship in Shravan month has great significance.
 Maryada Purushottam Shriram during the exile of 14 years when came to the Narmada coast on a secret visit to meet the Jabali sage.  At that time it was surrounded by mountains.  On the way, Lord Shankar was also eager to meet him, but he was not coming between the Lord and the devotee.  Lord Ram did not prick the feet, therefore Shankarji rounded the small bowls.  Hence Shankar is in spoken in Kankar-Kankar.

 When Prabhu Shriram reached the Reva coast, Narmada water was flowing from the cave.  Shri Ram stayed here and collected sand and started anointing the sand with Narmada water for a month.  On the last day, Shankarji himself got enthroned and Lord Ram-Shankar was reunited.

Incomplete knowledge

Incomplete knowledge

Everyone gets inspiration to get complete information only from his own incomplete information, but due to false ego, every person considers incomplete information as complete information.
 The person who always considers his own information as incomplete information, the same person is knowledgeable in the world.
 No person in the world hurts the spirit of another person.
 If a person's feelings are hurt, that person is subject to false ego.

प्रत्येक व्यक्ति को स्वयं की अधूरी जानकारी से ही पूर्ण जानकारी प्राप्त करने की प्रेरणा मिलती है, लेकिन प्रत्येक व्यक्ति मिथ्या अहंकार के कारण अधूरी जानकारी को ही पूर्ण जानकारी समझता रहता है।
जो व्यक्ति स्वयं की जानकारी को हमेशा अधूरी जानकारी ही समझता रहता है वही व्यक्ति संसार में ज्ञानी होता है।
संसार में कोई भी व्यक्ति, दूसरे व्यक्ति की भावना को आहत कभी नहीं करता है।
यदि किसी व्यक्ति की भावना आहत होती है, वह व्यक्ति मिथ्या अहंकार के आधीन होता है।

Satisfaction of mind.

Satisfaction of mind.

A beautiful story

Pandit Ramnath, a scholar of logic, established the school in a secluded forest near Navadwip.
 In that, he used to give knowledge of scriptures to the students.
 At that time Krishna Nagar was ruled by Maharaja Shivchandra.
 Maharaja was ethnically efficient and also a scholar.
 He heard the discussion of Pandit Ramnath.
 He was sad to know that such a great scholar is spending his days in poverty.
 Maharaj himself went there.
 Ramnath ji welcomed him appropriately.
 The king asked him- Pandit Pravar!  What can i help you with
 Panditji said- Rajan!  Bhagavatkripa has given me all my lacks,
 Now I am complete.
 The king said - I am asking about the house expenses.
 Panditji said- The homeowner knows more about household expenses than me.
 If you want to ask anything, ask them.
 Raja went to Pandit ji's house and asked the Sadhvi housewife - Mother there is no shortage for home expenses.
 That supreme monk said - Maharaj!  What can their devotees lack in the presence of an all-powerful God?
 Raja said- Mother still….
 Sadhvi said- Maharaj!  There is no shortage.
 There are clothes to wear, beds to sleep in.
 There is a pot of soil to hold water.
 Students bring food directly to them.
 What is the need of more than this?
 The king urged-
 Devi.  We want to provide you with the fiefdom of some villages.
 With this income, Gurukul will also be able to run properly and there will be no shortage in your life too.
 In the north, the old Brahmin smiled and started saying - God has already given the manor of life to every human being.
 One who learns to handle this estate of life, there can be no lack of anything.
 The king became speechless ...
 Say Goddess Lakshmi and Narayan ..

Three qualities of alcohol

Three qualities of alcohol

 Thakur Saheb used to live in a hideout.
 He had only one Kunwar but he was a big drunk.
 BD, cigarettes, alcohol were bread and water for him.
 After a few days he fell ill while drinking.
 Thakur got his son treated very well, but there was no end to the illness.
 All medicines went waste.
 One day an experienced officer came to that village.
 He started the treatment of Thakur's boy.
 Kunwarji asked- What will be avoided?
 Hakim said- Do not panic, you will not have to give up alcohol.
 Kunwar was very happy to hear this.
 He said- All the Hakim who came earlier were all Anadi.
 He had asked to quit alcohol along with the medicine,
 But you are very intelligent and experienced.
 Kunwar had deep faith in Hakeem.
 After a few days, the boy asked Hakim - how did you allow me to consume alcohol? '
 Vaidya said in the scriptures that three qualities of alcohol are mentioned.
 A person who is an alcoholic does not have a thief in his house
 He doesn't have to walk
 One does not have to be a victim of old age.
 Kunwar asked wonder-how?
 Hakim said -
 The addict does not sleep at night due to coughing.
 He coughs all night long.
 So the thieves do not dare to go to his house.
 His power is depleted, so that he cannot walk.
 So he has to take a ride.
 He dies in his youth, due to which he does not have to see the face of old age.
 Listening to Hakim's words, Kunwar gave up all addictions including alcohol and slowly recovered.

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When Mahadev became a servant.(VIDYAPATI AND MAHADEV)

When Mahadev became servant to Vidyapati.

A beautiful story of Vidyapati and Mahadev.

Hey Nath!  Hey my friend !!  You are ours !!!
 Om Namah: Shivaya 🌷

 No one can think that one of the gods beat Lord Mahadev with burning wood, but this is absolutely true.  There is some talk around 1360 AD.  In those days there used to be a poet in Visfi village in Bihar.  The poet's name was Vidyapati.  Along with being a poet, Vidyapati was also an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.  Pleased with his devotion and creations, Lord Shiva wished to be with him.

 One day Lord Shiva came to Vidyapati's house after making a vestige of a Gawar and expressed his desire to live together, Vidyapati refused.  Shiva ji told Vidyapati to grow his name.  Vidyapati's financial condition was not good, so he refused to hire Ugna.  But where were Shiva's followers.  Only two agreed to do the job on food.  At this, Vidyapati's wife asks Vidyapati to hire Ugna.  Accepting his wife, Vidyapati hired Ugna.
 One day Ugna was going with Vidyapati to the king's court.  Vidyapati's throat started to dry due to the strong heat.  But there was no source of water nearby.  Vidyapati told Ugna to arrange water from somewhere else I would die thirsty.  Lord Shiva went some distance and opened his jata and filled a lotta Ganga water.

 When Vidyapati drank the water, he felt the taste of the Ganges water and he was surprised that from where this water did not even see the source of water in this forest.  Even water that tastes like Ganges water.  Poet Vidyapati Ugana became suspicious that it is not an ordinary person but Lord Shiva himself, so he insisted to know his real introduction to Ugna.
 When Vidyapati called Ugna to hold Shiva's feet, Ugna had to come to her true form.  Lord Shiva himself appeared at the place of rising.  Shiva said to Vidyapati that I want to be with you as a grown-up, but do not ever tell this fact to anyone.

 Vidyapati had found the God of the world without asking.  He accepted Shiva's condition.  But one day Vidyapati's wife Sushila gave Ugna some work.  Rising did not understand that work properly and made a mistake.  Susheela got annoyed with this and started burning Shiva ji by removing the burning wood from the stove.  When Vidyapati saw this scene, he spontaneously came out of his mouth, 'This person is Lord Shiva, killing him with burning wood.'  What was it then, as soon as the words came out of Vidyapati's mouth, Shiva became absorbed from there.

 After this, Vidyapati started to grow like crazy, and in the forests saying, grow Shiva everywhere in the fields and started looking for Shiva.  Shiva felt pity on seeing such a condition of the devotee.  Lord Shiva appeared before Ugna and said that I can no longer be with you.  Now I will be seated as a Shiva Linga as a symbol of the one who has been with you.  After this Shiva returned to his world and Shiva Linga appeared at that place.  The famous temple of Ugna Mahadev is presently located in the village of Bhawanipur in Madhubani district of Bihar.
 Om Har Har Mahadev

Mother Durga, mother of the whole world

Mother Durga is considered the mother of the entire universe.  This world has been created by the power of Maa Durga, only then scientists also say that everything in the world is made of energy.  This energy is Goddess Durga.

 Maa Durga is the basic element of creation, preservation and destruction of the world.  Mother Durga has been worshiped as Perm-Shakti since the beginning of creation.
 What does durga mean

 Durga in Sanskrit means a fort or some such power, place at which no one can ever conquer.  Durga also has another meaning which is 'Durgatinashini' which means "a power which destroys sorrows." That is why we all believe that Mother Durga saves her devotees from the wicked and all the devotees  Eliminates grief.

माँ दुर्गा पुरे ब्रह्माण्ड की माता मानी जाती है। इस संसार की रचना मा दुर्गा की शक्ति से ही हुई है, तभी तो विज्ञानिक भी कहते है की संसार की हर वस्तु ऊर्जा से बनी है। यह ऊर्जा ही माँ दुर्गा है।

माँ दुर्गा ही सृष्टि की रचना, संरक्षण और विनाश का मूल तत्व है। सृष्टि के आरम्भ से ही माँ दुर्गा को पर्म -शक्ति के रूप में पूजा जाता रहा है।
क्या होता है दुर्गा का मतलब

संस्कृत में दुर्गा का मतलब होता है एक किला या कोई ऐसी शक्ति, स्थान जिसपर कभी भी कोई भी विजय प्राप्त नहीं कर सकता। दुर्गा का एक अन्य अर्थ भी होता है जो है ‘दुर्गतिनाशिनी’ जिसका मतलब होता है “एक ऐसी शक्ति जो दुखो का नाश करती है।” इसी कारण हम सभ यह मानते है की माँ दुर्गा अपने भक्तो को दुष्टों से बचाती है और भक्तजनो के सभी दुःख दूर कर देती है।

Why did Bhagban Shiva take Ardhanarishwar form and what was its purpose !!

Why did Bhagban Shiva take Ardhanarishwar form and what was its purpose !!

 At the beginning of the creation, when the mental creation created by Brahmaji could not expand, then Brahmaji felt very sad.  At the same time, All India Radio became Brahman!  Now create Maithuni.  On hearing Akashvani, Brahmaji decided to create Maithuni creation, but by that time, due to the absence of women, he could not succeed in his determination.  Then Brahmaji thought that Maithuni cannot be created without the grace of God Shiva.  So they started doing harsh penance to please them.  For a long time, Brahmaji kept lovingly meditating on Maheshwar Shiva in his heart.  Pleased with his intense tenacity, Lord Uma-Maheshwar appeared to him in the form of Ardhanarishwar.  Maheshwar Shiva said- Son Brahma!  I am extremely happy with the difficult penance you have done for the growth of the subjects.  I will definitely fulfill your wish.  Saying this, Shivji separated Uma Devi from half of her body.  Brahma said. - So far I have failed to create a proper creation.  Now I want to expand the world by generating people from the confluence of men and women.  Parmeshwari Shiva manifested a power similar to his own, from the middle part of his eyebrows.  That power of Shiva for creation of the world became Dakshi's daughter as per the request of Brahma.  In this way, Goddess Shiva entered into the body of Mahadev Ji by obliging Brahmaji and giving him unmatched strength, this is the secret of Ardhanarishwar Shiva and from this onwards the creation of the operation, whose regulator is Shiva Shakti.

भगबान शिव ने अर्द्धनारीश्वर रूप क्यों रखा और उसका क्या प्रयोजन था !!

सृष्टि के प्रारंभ में जब ब्रह्माजी द्वारा रची गई मानसिक सृष्टि विस्तार न पा सकी, तब ब्रह्माजी को बहुत दुःख हुआ। उसी समय आकाशवाणी हुई ब्रह्मन्! अब मैथुनी सृष्टि करो। आकाशवाणी सुनकर ब्रह्माजी ने मैथुनी सृष्टि रचने का निश्चय तो कर लिया, किंतु उस समय तक नारियों की उत्पत्ति न होने के कारण वे अपने निश्चय में सफल नहीं हो सके। तब ब्रह्माजी ने सोचा कि परमेश्वर शिव की कृपा के बिना मैथुनी सृष्टि नहीं हो सकती। अतः वे उन्हें प्रसन्न करने के लिए कठोर तप करने लगे। बहुत दिनों तक ब्रह्माजी अपने हृदय में प्रेमपूर्वक महेश्वर शिव का ध्यान करते रहे। उनके तीव्र तप से प्रसन्न होकर भगवान उमा-महेश्वर ने उन्हें अर्द्धनारीश्वर रूप में दर्शन दिया। महेश्वर शिव ने कहा- पुत्र ब्रह्मा! तुमने प्रजाओं की वृद्धि के लिए जो कठिन तप किया है, उससे मैं परम प्रसन्न हूं। मैं तुम्हारी इच्छा अवश्य पूरी करूंगा। ऐसा कहकर शिवजी ने अपने शरीर के आधे भाग से उमा देवी को अलग कर दिया। ब्रह्मा ने कहा.-एक उचित सृष्टि निर्मित करने में अब तक मैं असफल रहा हूं। मैं अब स्त्री-पुरुष के समागम से मैं प्रजाओं को उत्पन्न कर सृष्टि का विस्तार करना चाहता हूं। परमेश्वरी शिवा ने अपनी भौंहों के मध्य भाग से अपने ही समान कांतिमती एक शक्ति प्रकट की। सृष्टि निर्माण के लिए शिव की वह शक्ति ब्रह्माजी की प्रार्थना के अनुसार दक्षकी पुत्री हो गई। इस प्रकार ब्रह्माजी को उपकृत कर तथा अनुपम शक्ति देकर देवी शिवा महादेव जी के शरीर में प्रविष्ट हो गईं, यही अर्द्धनारीश्वर शिव का रहस्य है और इसी से आगे सृष्टि का संचालन हो पाया, जिसके नियामक शिवशक्ति ही हैं।

Master – disciple relationship(Guru-Shishya relationship)

The Guru-disciple was walking through a forest.  A waterfall was flowing from some distance.  Master felt thirsty.  He asked the disciple to bring water to the kamandal by filling it.
 The disciple reached near the water and saw that the bullock carts had just come out from there, which made the water there dirty and the dried leaves were swimming.
 The disciple came and told Guruji - "Water will have to be managed elsewhere."  But Guruji repeatedly asked the disciple to bring water from there.  Every time the disciple would see that the water was dirty yet….  For the fifth time, when asked to bring water from there, the disciple had feelings of resentment and anger.
 The disciple could not violate Guruji's command, so he went there again.  This time the disciple saw that the water of the spring was calm and clean.  He happily brought water to the pot for Guruji to drink.
 While taking water from the disciple's hand, Guruji smiled and explained to the disciple - "Watts! Our mind also keeps the water of the river polluting the bulls of illusions. Therefore, we should wait for the waterfall of our mind to calm down, then only the mind  Clean thoughts will come in. Never take any decision with a raised mind.
 Story Summary: Only a calm mind can be clean, so don't ever let the thought ballos dominate your mind.  Just keep doing the deed with sincerity, keep the mind from getting dirty.

Sri Krishna is the greatest musician of this world

Sri Krishna is the greatest musician of this world

If there is one of the greatest musicians in this world, it is Shri Krishna. Just as Sattva, Raja and Tama - the coordination of the three qualities has been called Prakriti.
Similarly singing, playing and dancing - in these three
One who is accomplished is called a musician. Krishna in singing
Are skilled. What he sang in Kurukshetra grounds
We have today as Bhagavad Gita. Sri Krishna is skilled in playing, when the flute plays, the root becomes conscious and conscious. Also skilled in dance.
He composed rasas in Vrindavan with the gopis.
That is why we say that Krishna is the greatest musician.
Jai Jai Shri Radhe Krishna

श्रीकृष्ण इस संसार के सबसे बड़े संगीतकार हैं

इस संसार में यदि सबसे बड़ा कोई संगीतकार है, तो वो हैं श्री कृष्ण। जिस प्रकार से सत्व, रज और तम - तीनों गुणों के समन्वय को प्रकृति कहा गया है।
उसी प्रकार से गायन, वादन और नृत्य -इन तीनों में
जो पारंगत हो उसे संगीतकार कहते हैं। कृष्ण गायन में
कुशल हैं। कुरुक्षेत्र के मैदान में उन्होंने जो गाया वह
भगवद् गीता के रूप में आज हमारे पास है। वादन में श्रीकृष्ण कुशल हैं, जब बांसुरी वादन करते हैं, तब जड़ चेतन और चेतन जड़ हो जाता है। नृत्य में भी कुशल हैं।
उन्होंने गोपियों के साथ वृंदावन में रास रचाया।
इसीलिए हम कहते हैं कि कृष्ण सबसे बड़ा संगीतकार है।
जय जय श्री राधे कृष्णा

Vrindavan is the home of Shyama Joo and Srikunjvihari.

Vrindavan is the home of Shyama Joo and Srikunjvihari.

Vrindavan is the home of Shyama Joo and Srikunjvihari. Here, the Premaras-stream of Radha-Krishna flows. It is believed that the everlasting-beloved, Sridhamavrindavan always engages in the Vihara. Here Nidhivan is considered the king of all forests, hence he is called Srinidhi Vanraj. In the fifteenth century when Swami Haridas, the master of the music emperor Tansen, the originator of the Sakhi-sect, came to Vrindavan, he made Nidhivan his place of worship.

It is said that when Swami Haridas Nidhavan wooed Kunjbihari with his music, when he used to sing raga on Tannapura, Radha-Krishna started making ras with delight. This Ras-Leela was not visible to his disciples. There is a story about Vihara Panchami that on the request of his nephew and beloved disciple Vithalvipulji, on the day of his birth day "Margashirsha-Shukla-Panchami", Swami ji emerged as Shyama-Shyam. Swamiji prayed to Radha ji that he should enter Kunjvihari like lightning in a cloud. On Swami ji's request, Priyaji became absorbed in his beloved. In this way, the combined image of the couple government became idolized as Bankebihari and became famous as Aghan Sudi Panchami (Margashirsha Shukla Panchami) Vihar Panchami.

In Nidhivan, the poetic treatise Kalimala, written by Swami Haridasji about Nitya Vihara of Shyama-Shyamsundar, sheds enough light. This poem of 110 verses is in fact a compilation of Dhrupadas sung by Swamiji from time to time, which has a subtle and enigmatic interpretation of Kunjbihari's Nitya Vihar.

"माई री सहज जोरी प्रकट भई जु रंग की गौर श्याम धन दामिनी जैसे !
"My ri sahaj jori pragat bhai ju rang ka gaur shyam dhan damini jaise!
प्रथम हूँ हुती अबहूँ आगे हूँ रहिहै ना ट रिहै तैसे !
अंग अंग की उजराई सुधराई चतुराई सुंदरता ऐसे !
Pratham hun huti abhun aage hun rahihe na tarihe taise!
Ang ang ki ujrayee sudhrayee chaturayee sundarta aise

Sri Hari Das's lord Shyama Kunjbihari Sama By the way "!

It is said that all the creepers of Nidhivan are gopis who are standing with arms in each other's arms. When Radha Rani ji in Nidhivan at night, ras Leela with Bihari ji, then there the raven becomes gopis, and then Ras Leela Starts, no one can see this Raas Leela, thousands of monkeys, birds, animals live in Nidhivan throughout the day, but as soon as it is evening, all animals, animals and monkeys automatically go to Nidhivan. Banda also does not stop there, even the creatures inside the ground, ants etc. go inside the ground, no one can see Ras Leela because Ras Leela is not the leela of this cosmic world. "No ordinary person or organism can see it with their own eyes. Those who are great saints have heard the sound of Nupur of Radharani and Gopis from Nidhivan.

When Radha Rani ji gets tired while doing Raas, Bihari ji presses her feet. And they sleep in the night. Even today there is a bedroom in Nidhivan where the priest keeps a pot of water, paan, phul and prasad, and when the pat is opened in the morning, the water gets yellow, the paan is chewed and the flowers are scattered. .
Once upon a time, when a person sat hidden in the bushes in Nidhivan to see Ras Leela. When it was morning, that person was found lying in a deranged state outside Nidhivan. People asked him for nothing but he did not speak for seven days. After seven days, he did not eat or drink anything, nor did he say on a paper that I have seen Radha Rani and Bihari ji with his eyes while doing so and writing this, he died. Because one cannot see that leela of theirs and if one sees it then it is no longer of this world.

There is a small effort to write what we have heard and read from the mouth of the saints, because we and our words are not enough about that Divyatidivya Leela and about Nidivan, Radha Rani and Bihari ji are infinite as they are immense. Leela is also infinite and immense.

"Jai Jai Shree Radhe"

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Lord Shiva is also a protector

In this world, Shiva is the most compassionate creature in the world and Shakti is the eternal mother, there is no difference between the two, because both parents have, so compassion, kindness which is their nature is present in Bhairav ​​ji. If someone walks on the path of special cultivation and devotion, then it hurts the seeker at the same time, so if Bhairav ​​is blessed then all the devil power is killed by Bhairav ​​Baba Sings, so he is a ownself protector.
Om Namah Shivay

इस जगत में सबसे ज्यादा जीव पर करूणा शिव करते है और शक्ति तो सनातनी माँ है इन दोनो में भेद नहीं है कारण दोनों माता पिता है,इस लिए करूणा,दया जो इनका स्वभाव है वह भैरव जी में विद्यमान है।सृष्टि में आसुरी शक्तियां बहुत उपद्रव करती है,उसमें भी अगर कोई विशेष साधना और भक्ति मार्ग पर चलता हो तो ये कई एक साथ साधक को कष्ट पहुँचाते है,इसलिए अगर भैरव कृपा हो जाए तो सभी आसुरी शक्ति को भैरव बाबा मार भगाते है,इसलिये ये साक्षात रक्षक है।
ॐ..नमः शिवाय

Lord Vishnu, Vaishnava doctrine and devotee introduction

You know about Shri Hari Lord Vishnu Narayan Ji !!

 According to Hinduism, Vishnu is one of the three main forms of 'Parameshwara'.  Lord Vishnu is the patron of the universe.  The whole world is governed by the power of Shri Vishnu.  They are present in all the forms of nirgun, nirakara and saguna. When water was created after the heating of God, the first manifested form of Lord Vishnu appeared.  Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu.  Brahma originated from Vishnu's navel.  Vishnu is superior among the gods of the Aditya class.  There are many other Vishnu's.

 The meaning of Vishnu ji 

- Vishnu has two meanings - first the atom of the world and the second which permeates the particle of the world.

 Leela of Vishnu ji: 

There are 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu but mainly 10 avatars are recognized.  Vishnu killed Madhu Ketabh.  He was the form of Mohini during Sagar Manthan.  Asurendra Jalandhar's lady Vrinda was abducted by Vishnu.

 Nature of Vishnu Ji:

 Lord Vishnu, seated on Sheshnag in the Ksheer Sagar, is holding a conch, chakra, mace and padma in his four hands.  His conch is called 'Panchajanya'.  Chakra is called 'Sudarshan', Mada is 'Kaumodaki' and Mani is called 'Kaustubh'.  Kirit, adorned with horoscopes, wearing Vanmala and Kaustubhamani, residing with lotus-eyed Lord Srivishnu Devi Lakshmi.

 Mantras of Vishnu:

 First mantra - Om Namo Narayan.  Shri Mana Narayan Narayan Hari Hari.  The second mantra- ॐ Bhurida Bhoori Dehino, Ma Dabrabh Bhuriya.  Bhuri Ghedindra Ditsi.  ॐ Bhurida Tyasi Srut: Puruta Shur Vritrahan.  Aa no Bhajasva Radhasi.

 Vishnu's abode: 

In the Kshira Sagar.  According to Vishnu Purana, this earth is divided into seven islands - Jambudweep, Plakshadweep, Shamaldweep, Kushadweep, Kraunchadweep, Shakdweep and Pushkaradweep.  These seven islands are surrounded by seven seas.  All these islands are surrounded one after the other, and surrounded by seven seas.  The Sea of ​​Milk or the Ksheer Sea surrounds the Shakadweep.  This sea surrounds the Pushkaradweep.

 Names of Lord Vishnu

: Lord Shri Vishnu is called Narayana.  They are also known by the names Srihari, Garudadhwaj, Pitambar, Vishvaksen, Janardan, Upendra, Indravaraj, Chakrapani, Chaturbhuj, Lakshmikant, Padmanabha, Madhuripu, Trivikram, Shauri, Shripati, Purushottam, Vishwambhar, Katbhajit, Vidhu, Keshav, Shaligram etc.  .

 Avatar of Vishnu Ji

: There are 24 incarnations of Vishnu in the scriptures, but the main ten avatars are considered - Matsya, Kachhap, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki.  The order of 24 avatars is as follows - 1. Aadi Parshu, 2. Four Sanatkumar, 3. Varaha, 4. Narada, 5. Narna-Narayana, 6. Kapil, 7 Dattatreya, 8. Yajna, 9. Rishabh, 10. Pirthu, 11  .Mattasya, 12. Kachchapa, 13. Dhanvantari, 14. Mohini, 15. Narsingh, 16. Hayagreeva, 17. Vaman, 18. Parasurama, 19. Vyas, 20. Ram, 21. Balram, 22. Krishna, 23. Enlightened  And 24. Kalki.
 Know 24 avatar of Vishnu

 * Sub-sects of Vaishnava sect:

 There are many sub-sects of Vaishnavism - such as Bairagi, Das, Ramananda, Vallabh, Nimbark, Madhva, Radhavallabh, Sakhi, Gaudiya etc.  The Vaishnava motif is found in the worship of Aditya (one of the four emblems born of the Vedas).  The description of Lord Vishnu is also found in the Vedas.  Among the Puranas, Vishnu is famous from the Puranas.  Vishnu's abode is believed to be within the sea.

 Vaishnava Granth: 

There is mention of Vaishnava ideology in Rigveda.  Ishwar Samhita, Padmatanta, Vishnusamhita, Shatapatha Brahmin, Aitareya Brahmin, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vishnu Purana etc.

 Vaishnava pilgrimage: 

Badridham, Mathura, Ayodhya, Tirupati Balaji, Srinath, Dwarkadhish.

 Vaishnavite Rites:

 1. The Vaishnavite temple consists of idols of Vishnu, Rama and Krishna.  Is not fanatical about monotheism., 2. Its saints keep the head shaved while shaving. 3. Its followers keep the peak while shaving the head during dashakarma. 4. All these rituals are done during the day.
5. They give importance to satvik mantras.
6. Wearing janeu wears Pitambari clothes and holds kamandal and dandi in hand. 7. Vaishnavas observe fasting based on the Sun.  10. They make sandalwood stand.

 Vaishnava Sadhus-saints: 

Vaishnava sadhus are called acharyas, saints, Swami etc.

Shiva is everything

Shivaham = I (Shiva) is Shiva.
 Nityoham = I am (soul) eternal. I tomorrow
 Was too, still today and tomorrow
 Shuddhoham = the ultimate without disorder
 I am pure
 Buddhahoam = Akhanda in the form of Buddha,
 I am irreplaceable
 In Muktoham = beyond all the bondage, always
 I am free
 Shivaham Shivaham Shiva Swaroopam.
 Nityoham Shuddhoham Buddhahoam Muktoham.
 Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya
 Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya….
 Shiva means welfare…
 Shiva is unborn, Shiva is infinite…
 Shiva is the Guru, Shiva is the knowledge ..
 Shiva is music, Shiva is dance…
 Shiva has Krishna and Krishna has Shiva…
 Shiva is Yoga and Yoga is Shiva.
 Shiva is worshiped by Shree Rama and Rama is Shiva.
 Shiva is within you and I have Shiva in my breath…
 Adoration to Lord Shiva...
 Kali Yuga only named Adhara,
 Sumir Sumir nar utarahin para.
 Sumir Sumir nar Pavahi Para.
 May every breath be yours
 This is how life should pass.
 Hey Nath!  Oh my Nath!  let me not forget you !!
 Hey Nath!  Oh my Nath!  let me not forget you !!

 When someone worries - Simran !!
 When the distraught mind gets nervous - Simran !!
 There is no way out - Simran !!
 If you do not understand, Simran !!
 🙏 Simran, Simran, Simran!

Note :-Simran means to remember God by heart

Change yourself to change the world

Change yourself to change the world

 Once upon a time, the king ruled in a distant kingdom.  All the subjects were very prosperous in his kingdom, no one was sad or had any debt.  The king also did not have a shortage of treasures, he lived a very luxurious life.

 Once the king thought in his mind why not inspect his kingdom, see what is going on in the state and how people are living.  So the king decided after thinking something that he would walk in disguised state on foot without any vehicle so that he could listen to the people and know their thoughts.  Then from the next day, the king changed his appearance in disguise and went out alone to see no unhappy person, then slowly he also inspected many of his forts and buildings.

 When the king returned, he was happy that his kingdom was thriving but now there was a lot of pain in his legs as this was the first time that the king had walked so much.  He immediately called his minister and said - why are the roads in the state made of such a hard stone, look, my feet have got wounds, I order at the same time that leather should be laid on the roads all over the state so that there is no problem in walking.  Will not happen.  The minister was stunned to hear, Maharaj, where would all the leather come from and how many animals would have to be murdered for this much leather and money would also cost a lot.  The king felt that the minister was insulting him by not obeying him, to which the king said - follow the order given to you, see how much pain my feet are walking on the stone road.

 The minister was very intelligent, the minister said in a calm voice - Maharaj is better than laying leather on the road all over the state, why don't you buy leather shoes.  The king ceased to be a word as soon as he listened to the minister.

 Friends, in the same way, every day we face many problems in our life and we always blame others for all the problems, some people see the flaw in everything and every system of the world.  We think that because of such and such person, that my work has deteriorated today or because of such and such person, I have been late for office or I have failed due to such and such person, seeing the garbage lying on the road, everyone is on the nose  After leaving the handkerchief, others leave the streets, but never come forward to clean themselves.  But we never try to improve ourselves, never try to be a part of change ourselves.  Friends fill the pot with one drop and your effort is only one drop but it is very important to fill the pot.  Stop blaming others and change yourself then see the world change itself

Life is a lesson

...  Morning ..

 A bitter truth: the story of a beggar

 Manoj used to see a beggar every day when he passed through the bus stand every day.  That beggar would come and join hands in front of people and try to ask for something.  Manoj was very sad to see her.

 The beggar was an old man.  It seems as if it is not known how many days you have not got enough food.  Only the bone structure was left in the body.  Whenever a person passed by him, he would look towards him with great expectation.

 One day the condition of that old man was not seen from Manoj, he thought in his mind that, O God, why does not this beggar be called to him, what a pathetic condition it has become.  Thinking like this, Manoj went to the beggar and said - Baba, I see you sitting here every day for a long time, your condition is so bad, why do you want to live still?

 Why begging here every day?  Why don't you pray to God to call you to Him.

 The beggar looked at Manoj with a smile and said - If I want a son, I am also that God may call me soon, but maybe his will is something else, he wants to keep me here among you.

 So that you guys can see me, learn from me that one day you too will have the same fate.  One day you will also be helpless, today, seeing my condition, the heart of people is filled with hatred, but one day you too will become like this.

 These money, beauty, the world is a matter of a moment, rightly said that one day the beggar will become like this too.  The bitter truth is - childhood, youth, old age you cannot stop them.

 Whether you are a child or young or old, keep your actions good, believe in that God.  Life is full of sorrows like this, but he is the upstart he is going to take everyone's boat.  Live happily,
 Live full

 Good morning
 Good morning morning
 Have a nice day

Life is life

Good morning

  Today's view 🙏

 Not everyone gets everything in life.  Everyone should look for perfection by keeping in mind what is and what is not in our control.  Well, the destination of perfection is satisfaction, which is found in making oneself full of personal qualities.

 Most of those who remain unhappy or dissatisfied with their situation, have ignored the reality that we are not in control of all situations or events in life.  There are few things that we can change or adapt according to our own, not all.  Being upset about such things, in which we have no interference, will not be called wise.
 ¶ ~ ℅ ~ ^ {🌺} ^ ~ ℅ ~ ¶
 • Krishnamay Shubh Prabhat •
 Jai Bhole Nath 🔔 🌿
 Good morning have a nice and beautiful day

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Why should one worship in the morning?

Why should one worship in the morning?

 Morning-time is said to be the best for worshiping God.  Although the Lord can be worshiped with a sincere heart in the day, but there is a law to worship in Brahma Muhurta.

 According to the scriptures, the time of morning is said to be the best for devotion to God because our mind remains calm in the morning.  After waking from sleep, the mind remains completely calm and stable.  There are no idle thoughts or waste thoughts in the mind.  It is important for the devotion of God that the mind remains focused so that full focus can be placed on the Lord.
 After morning, at some other time in the day, we do many things that do not allow our mind and brain to concentrate fully.  Due to which the mind remains restless, the mind gets entangled in many bad and irreligious things as well.  Due to which it is impossible to concentrate in devotion.  Keeping this in mind, Brahma Muhurta has been considered best in the scriptures for worshiping deeds.
 God is pleased with the same devotion where the mind is calm and there is no irreligious talk of any kind.  The effect of morning worship gives the mind so much strength that it can easily bear all the stress of the day.  The mind moves fast, we are able to work on many schemes simultaneously.  This is why the tradition of worshiping in the morning is continuing.

The truth of life

The truth of life

Physical union is always going on till the end of a beloved life, even in dreams, sometimes with the mind, sometimes with the body, otherwise with money, fortunate are those who meet that divine and that is the goal of life.

भौतिक मिलन तो प्यारे जीवन पर्यन्त नित्य यहाँ तक कि स्वप्न में भी होता रहता है, कभी मन से तो कभी तन से अन्यथा धन से, भाग्यशाली तो वे हैं जिनका उस परमात्मा से मिलन होता है और यही जीवन का लक्ष्य है l

Faith and trust in devotion

Faith and trust in devotion

* When Meera ji used to sing to Lord Krishna, God used to listen very carefully. *

 * God used to listen even when Surdas ji used to sing the verse. *

 * And to what extent, Kabir has even said this: - He also listens to the ant's foot nupur sounds . *

 * If an ant is so small, if it is tied in its feet too, then God also listens to his voice. *

 * If you feel that God is not listening to your call, then it is your practice or you have not known the nature of God. *

 * Sometimes call them with love, right, sometimes tear them in their memory. *

 * I can even say that there is only God who listens to you. *

 * A short story tells the saint: - *

 * A devotee of Lord ji, he recited Bhagavad Gita ji continuously for 20 years. *

 * Finally, the Lord, taking his test, said: - Hey devotees!  You think that I am happy with the recitation of your Gita, so this is your privilege. *
 * I was not pleased with your lesson at all. *

 * As soon as the devotee heard it, he started dancing, and began to swing. *

 * God said: - Hey!  I said that I am not happy with your reading and you are dancing.

 * That devotee said: - God, are you happy or not, I do not know this thing.
 * But I am happy that you have at least heard my text, so I am dancing. *

 * This is an emotion… *

 * Think a little, did not God listen when Draupati ji called Lord Krishna? *
 * God listened and saved Laz too. *

 Didn't God listen when Gajendra Hathi called God to avoid Graha?
 * Heard exactly and God left his meal. *

 * Kabirdas ji, Tulsis ji, Surdas ji,
 , Meera Bai Ji, Shri know how many saints were there who talked to God and God also used to listen to them. *

 * So whenever you remember God, chant His name, do not think that God will hear your call or not? *

 * Have no doubt, just call them from the heart, you will feel yourself that yes, God is listening to your call!

Divine love

This rule of a king in ancient times
 Was that he would donate to countless ascetics
 Only after meals.  One day due
 One before time
 The monk took his small beggar
 Standing at the door.  He told the king -
 "Rajan, if possible in this little character of mine
 Put anything. "
 The words of the petitioner knocked the king but he
 Could not say anything to him.  He his
 Told the servants that the pot of gold
 Be filled with coins.  As in that character
 Gold coins were poured, they fell into it and disappeared
 Have become.  It happened again and again.  till evening
 The king's entire treasure is empty but he
 The character remained empty.  Ultimately the king is the yacht
 Swaroop came with folded hands and he asked the monk
 Asked - "Forgive me, I thought that my
 No empty hand can ever go through the door.
 Now please tell me the secret of this character too.
 Why does it never fill up? ”The monk said -
 “This character is made from the heart of man.  This world
 That nothing filled man's heart
 Can.  No matter how much name, fame, power, wealth,
 Beauty, and pleasure

 Always demands more.  Only god

 Only love is able to fill it.

प्राचीन काल में एक राजा का यह नियम
था कि वह अनगिनत संन्यासियों को दान देने के
बाद ही भोजन ग्रहण करता था. एक दिन नियत
समय से पहले ही एक
संन्यासी अपना छोटा सा भिक्षापात्र लेकर
द्वार पर आ खड़ा हुआ. उसने राजा से कहा –
“राजन, यदि संभव हो तो मेरे इस छोटे से पात्र में
भी कुछ भी डाल दें.”
याचक के यह शब्द राजा को खटक गए पर वह
उसे कुछ भी नहीं कह सकता था. उसने अपने
सेवकों से कहा कि उस पात्र को सोने के
सिक्कों से भर दिया जाय. जैसे ही उस पात्र में
सोने के सिक्के डाले गए, वे उसमें गिरकर गायब
हो गए. ऐसा बार-बार हुआ. शाम तक
राजा का पूरा खजाना खाली हो गया पर वह
पात्र रिक्त ही रहा. अंततः राजा ही याचक
स्वरूप हाथ जोड़े आया और उसने संन्यासी से
पूछा – “मुझे क्षमा कर दें, मैं समझता था कि मेरे
द्वार से कभी कोई खाली हाथ नहीं जा सकता.
अब कृपया इस पात्र का रहस्य भी मुझे बताएं.
यह कभी भरता क्यों नहीं?” संन्यासी ने कहा –
“यह पात्र मनुष्य के ह्रदय से बना है. इस संसार
की कोई वस्तु मनुष्य के ह्रदय को नहीं भर
सकती. मनुष्य कितना ही नाम, यश, शक्ति, धन,
सौंदर्य, और सुख अर्जित कर ले पर यह
हमेशा और की ही मांग करता है. केवल ईश्वरीय
प्रेम ही इसे भरने में सक्षम है.”

Why is Lakshmi in the feet of Lord Vishnu

Why is Lakshmi in the feet of Lord Vishnu

 Ever thought of a picture of Lord Vishnu, lying comfortably above Sheshnag in the middle sea and Lakshmi is pressing her feet.  Ever wondered what this form of Lord Vishnu is pointing towards.  It has a very deep and serious message for us.  If it is assimilated, then our family and social life can change to a great extent.  Let us understand what this picture of Lord Vishnu is teaching us?

 There are three major Gods of this creation, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Brahma creates the universe, Vishnu governs it and Shiva destroys it.  Vishnu is the driver of the universe.  They fulfill our every need, establish the religion, and when iniquity is heavy on religion, they also incarnate.  In more simple terms, Vishnu is the God of worldliness or householder.  They live in Kshirsagar, this world is also like an ocean, in which happiness and sorrow are all full.  They lie on the bed of Sheshnag, so does the life of a householder.  The one who is the head of the household has many responsibilities over him, so Sheshnag has many functions.  Nevertheless, the face of Vishnu smiles, it teaches that no matter how many responsibilities we are surrounded with, we should not lose patience, there should be peace of mind and behavior so that not a single member of the family can stay away from you.  Lakshmi is at the feet of Vishnu and is serving her.  Here are two messages: The first one who performs his responsibilities efficiently, keeps the family tied to the door of love, Lakshmi is always in her feet in service.  The second message can be understood in such a way that family and duty have first place in our life and Lakshmi's last, only then our love will never have greed or fascination.

Eighteen names of lord shiva

Eighteen names of lord shiva
 Lord Shiva is worshiped by eighteen names, among which Shiva, Shambhu, Neelkanth, Maheshwar, Natraj etc. are prominent.  Lord Shiva bears the sky Ganga on his head and the moon is on his shoulder.  His five faces are believed to have three eyes in each mouth.  Lord Shiva is a trident with ten arms.
 The first of the eighteen names of Lord Shiva mentioned in the Puranas is Shiva.  Shiva Shankar destroys the sins of his devotees.  Pashupati is his other name.  All animals are considered to be in a zero state of knowledge.  Shiva is Pashupati because he is the one who gives knowledge to all.  Shiva is also called Mrityunjaya.  No one can win by death.  But since Shiva is Ajar and immortal, he is also called Mrityunjaya.  He is also worshiped in Trinetra form.  It is said that once Lord Shiva's both eyes were closed by Parvati ji, darkness enveloped the whole world.  When everyone got distraught, a third eye was born on Shivaji's forehead.  Immediately, all the darkness was destroyed.
 Shiva is also known as Panchavaktra.  It is said that once Lord Vishnu took many beautiful forms.  Due to this, many gods got the benefit of their darshan.  After this, Shivji also had five faces and three eyes were produced on each face.  Lord Shiva is also known as Kritivasa.  The one who wears the skin is called Kritivasa.  At the behest of Mahishasura's son Gajasura, Shiva wore his skin.
 Lord Shiva is also worshiped as Shitikanth.  One whose throat is blue is called Shithikanth.  Khandparasu is also a name for Lord Shiva.  It is said that at the time when Lord Shiva left Trishul to destroy the Daksha Yagna, he intercepted Tapleen Narayan ji at Badarikashram.  The male then invited a straw and drove it at Shiva.  He was in the shape of Parshu.  Shivji broke it into pieces, so he got this name.  Apart from this, Shivji is also worshiped under the names Pramathadhiva, Gangadhar, Maheshwar, Rudra, Vishnu, Pitamah, Sansar Vaidya, Sarvajna, Paramatma and Kapali.

 Apart from these, there are twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva which are specially worshiped throughout India.  These include Somnath, Milkazu, Mahakal or Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar and Amaleshwar, Kedarnath, Bhimshankar, Vishwanath, Trimbakeshwar, Vaidyanath Dham, Nagesh, Rameswaram and Ghushmeshwar etc.  The devotees of these Jyotirlingas offer special worship and on Shivaratri, these Jyotirlingas keep a wave of devotees.
 Brahma and Vishnu originated from Lord Shiva.  Once Lord Shiva rubbed nectar on the tenth part of his left part.  A man appeared from there.  Shiva told him that you are wide and hence you will be called Vishnu.  After the penance, numerous streams of water started bursting in the body of Vishnu.  Seeing it, water became water everywhere.  Vishnu quenched in the same water.
 Later, a lotus was produced from his navel.  Then Lord Shiva produced Brahma from his right limb.  He put Brahmaji in Narayan's navel lotus.  Then Vishnuji and Brahmaji started seeing each other with surprise.  Lord Shiva said that I, Vishnu and Brahma are the same.  Brahma gives birth to the universe, Vishnu obeys it and my part Rudra will be its destroyer.  In this way the cycle of creation will run.  After this, Vishnu and Brahmaji worshiped Lord Shiva.  Shiva said that this is the first Shivaratri festival.  From here, my worship in both formless and real form will be in the form of idol and Linga.

The story of the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati is also very interesting.  Parvati meditated harshly for this.  Pleased with asceticism, Lord Shiva finally went to Parvati after taking the form of an old ascetic.  After becoming a Brahmin, he went to Parvati and started doing evil to Shiva.  If Parvati could not bear it, Lord Shiva showed her her true form and started laughing and said - will you be my wife?  Parvati bowed to her and said- You have to talk to my father in this regard.
 Shivji immediately took the form of a nut and went to Parvati's house.  He started dancing after reaching there.  When Parvati's parents wanted to give him gems and jewelery, they refused and started asking for Parvati.  His parents' anger grew and he asked the servants to take out the nuts.  But no one could even touch them.  After this, Shiva appeared in many forms.  After this, the marriage of Shiva and Mother Parvati took place.

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