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The Vrishabha Avatar of Lord Shiva was for the slaughter of Lord Vishnu's sons.

The Vrishabha Avatar of Lord Shiva was for the slaughter of Lord Vishnu's sons. 

It is said in the religious texts that there are 19 incarnations of Lord Shiva.  Most of the incarnations of Lord Shiva were for the destruction of the demons.  But do you know that Shiva had also taken an avatar to kill the sons of Vishnu and that incarnation was  Vrishabha(Taurus).  Let us know why Lord Shiva had to kill Lord Vishnu's sons.

Who does not know the glory of Bholenath?  There is no limit of the glory of Mahadev, the God of Gods, Shiva killed his own demonic son in order to maintain peace.  Lord Vishnu, Mother Durga and Shiva are always ready to protect the universe. It is also mentioned in the religious texts that whenever the gods and humans called Shiva, he rushed to remove their troubles.  A story is also mentioned  in the Shiva Purana that in order to save the three worlds from the demons, he also killed the sons of Lord Vishnu.

The glory of Lord Bholenath is incomparable.  He is also the destroyer of the universe and he is also the protector.  When the world ends, it is done the by the hands of Shiva.  That is why he is also known as destroyers but this demolition also leads to new creation.  His name is also Shiva because whatever he does, he does for welfare. At different times, Shiva has taken 19 avatar forms for the welfare of the universe.  In which he killed the demons.  In one of his incarnations, he appeared to kill the son of Lord Shri Vishnu.

Now why did he has to do this?  Or how such sons were born to Lord Vishnu that Shiva himself had to take incarnation to kill them?  Let's know

According to the Puranas, gods and demons churned the ocean(Samudramanthan) to produce nectar.  After the churning of the ocean, a nectar urn was appeared .  Vishnu wanted to save it from the eyes of the demons. So he created many Apsaras(nymphs) with his illusion.  As soon as the demons saw the  Apsaras(nymphs), they were fascinated by them and took them with forcely to Patal Lok (Hades). After imprisoning the Apsaras in  Patal lok(Hades), the demons came back with the aim of getting the Amrit Kalash (nectar urn).  But coming back, they saw that already all the deities had consumed nectar. Seeing this, the demons became very angry and they attacked the gods.  But the god had become immortal by drinking nectar.  Hence the demons faced defeat.  They started running towards Patal lok (Hades) to secure themself. 

With the intention of killing the demons, Shri Hari Vishnu went after them to Patal and destroyed all the demons there. 
After the destruction of the demons, the  Apsaras(nymphs) were freed.  
When they saw Vishnu ji, they were fascinated by him and they asked Lord Shiva a boon to Vishnu to become his lord(Husband). Shivji gave the desired blessing to those Apsaras and asked Vishnu to stay in the Patal( Hades) with the Apsaras.

Following the orders of Shiva, Vishnu started living in the Patal Lok with the Apsaras.  He received some sons from the Apsaras.  But all his sons were of the demon nature. On the strength of himself cruelty, these sons of Shri Hari Vishnu created a furore in the three worlds.  All the gods were troubled by their atrocities.  Therefore they went to Lord Shiva and prayed him to kill the sons of Vishnu.

Hearing the prayers of the deities, Lord Shiva took the form of a bull i.e. 'Vrishabh'.  After taking the form of Vrishabh, Shivji reached Patal Lok and there he killed all the sons of Vishnu. When Vishnu reached there, he was very angry to see his lineage destroyed and he attacked Vrishabha but all his blows were fruitless.
Neither of the two had any loss nor any gain even after a long war.  In the end, the Apsaras who tied Sri Hari Vishnu in their boon freed him.  After this incident, when Shri Hari Vishnu realized this incident, he praised Lord Shiva.  At the behest of Lord Shiva, Vishnu left the Patal(Hades) and returned to Vishnulok.

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Mahadev situated in the Kapaleeshwar temple without Nandi.

Mahadev situated in the Kapaleeshwar temple without Nandi.
Many religious place is established in the country of India.  Many mysteries and stories are also hidden behind many of these temples.  By the way, you must have seen many Shiva temples, in which along with the idol of Shiva, the beloved Nandi  in his ganas is also enthroned.  Nandi is loved by Lord Shiva and also his vehicle.  Hence he is considered as Ganaraja. Have you ever heard or seen that there is no idol of Nandi in any Shiv temple?  Yes, I am going to talk about one such temple here which is in Nashik.  Here Nandi, the beloved vehicle of Bholeshankar is not with him.

Shiva's identity seems incomplete without his trident, Nag and Damru as well as the vehicle Nandi.  Nashik, the city of Maharashtra state of India, which is known due to the Kumbh Mela, but apart from that it is also famous for another reason. Here is the famous 'Kapaleshwar Mahadev Temple' built on the banks of river Godavari and it is believed that this is the only Shiv temple in the world where his vehicles is not situated  in Nandi temple.  It is mentioned in the mythological Hindu stories that 'Kapaleshwar Mahadev Temple was once inhabited by Lord Shiva.
Located on the Godavari coast, this temple is named Kapaleeshwar Mahadev Temple.  It is told in the Puranas that Lord Shiva lived here.  It is said that this is the only temple in the country where there is no Nandi Baba in front of Lord Shiva.  This is the specialty of this temple. Here the story of the lack of Nandi is very interesting.

It is believed that Mahadev resided near the Godavari coast.  Kapaleshwar Mahadev Temple is located at that place.  It is near the Godavari coast in the famous Panchavati area of ​​Nashik city.  Its specialty is that in India it is the only temple of Mahadev where Nandi does not sit in front of Lord Shiva.

There is a story behind Nandi not being here at this place.  In a day-long Indra's heaven  gathering, a dispute arose between Brahmadev and Shivji.  At that time Brahmadev had five head.  Out of which four head used to pronounce Vedas and the fifth head condemned.  Sad Shivji, having condemned by the fifth head of Brahma, cut off that head.  With which that head clung to him. Shivaji incurred the sin of brahmahatya by cutting off the fifth head.  Shiva was roaming the entire universe to get rid of that sin.  But he could not find the solution for salvation anywhere.
One day he was sitting in Someshwar.  There was a Brahmin's house in front of him.  Outside the Brahmin's house stood a cow and her calf.  The Brahmin was trying to put a rope in the calf's nose.  But the calf was against him.

He was none other than Nandi as the calf who showed him the way to free him from this sin.

The calf wanted to kill him in opposition to the Brahmin's work.  At that time, the cow told him that son, do not do this, you will get the sin of  Brahmhatya.  The calf told his mother that he knew the remedy for liberation from the sin of the Brahmahatya. Shiva was also watching and listening to all this.  The calf attacked the Brahmin by his horn who came to put a rope in his nose .  Due to which the Brahmin was killed.
The body of the calf went black due to the sin of Brahmhatya.  After that the calf left from there.  Shivji too eagerly started following him.  Arriving at Ramkund in Godavari river, the calf took a bath, which led to the sin's elimination of the Brahmahaty and the calf regained its white color. Seeing this, the idea of ​​bathing in Shiva's mind also came up.  He took a bath in that Ramkund, from which he also got liberation from the sin of the Brahmahatya.  There was a hillock near the Godavari river.  Shiva went there.

Seeing him going there, the calf (Nandi) of the cow also came there.  It was because of Nandi that Shiva was freed from the sin of Brahmahatya .  So he considered Nandi as a guru and refused to sit in front of him. That is why Nandi is not in front of Shiva in this temple.  But it is believed that Nandi is located in Ramkund in Godavari .  It is said that after twelve Jyotirlingas, this temple is important. 

Nandi's eyes are always a symbol of remembrance of his Lord, Nandi is a symbol of purity, prudence, intelligence and knowledge.  His every moment is devoted to Shiva and he teaches man that if he continues to offer his every moment to God, then God will take care of him.

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Vishnu ji had to raised Sudarshan Chakra when Shiva did Taandava.

Vishnu ji had to raised Sudarshan Chakra when Shiva did Taandava.

Lord Vishnu is the preserver of this universe  and Lord Shiva is considered the destroyer of the universe.  Both are omnipotent and also devotees of each other.  But do you know that Lord Vishnu once had to raise his Sudarshan  chakra on Lord Shiva when he was doing Tandava. Let's know about that story when Lord Vishnu had to use Sudarshan chakra only on his own god and devotee…
Lord Shiva was married to Goddess Sati, daughter of Prajapati Daksha.  Daksha was the son of Brahma.  After becoming the main king of the whole universe, there was a lot of pride in Daksh.  Daksha did not like his son-in-law, that is, Lord Shiva.

Once Daksha conducted a huge yajna.  In this yajna, Daksha invited all the deities except Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati.  When Goddess Sati came to know of this, she got very angry and even after Lord Shiva refused, she went to the yajna organized by her father.

On reaching there, Goddess Sati asked her father the reason for not to inviting Lord Shiva, then Daksha started speaking abusive words about Lord Shiva.  Goddess Sati could not listen her husband being insulted. Hearing such things against her husband, Goddess Sati felt very sad and sacrificed her life in the fire of yajna there.  When Lord Shiva came to know about this, he was very angry and in anger, he uprooted his jata and hit the ground, which produced Veerabhadra and Mahakali. 

Lord Shiva ordered them to destroy the Yajna of Daksha and in a moment they destroyed the entire Yajna of Daksha.  Virabhadra cut off Daksha's head and threw it in the same fire of yajna.
In the disconnection of his wife, Lord Shiva took out the body of Sati from the Agni Kunda and lifted it on his shoulder and began to Taandava with her body and roam in the entire universe. His anger started destroying the whole world.  Then to stop Lord Shiva, Vishnu ji made 51 pieces of the body of Goddess Sati from Sudarshan Chakra.  Shakti Peetha was established wherever the body parts of Goddess Sati fell. 
In the next life, Sati was born as Parvati and after severe penance, she again got Shiva as her husband. 

The Shiv Purana describes 51 Shakti Peethas.  While 108 Shakti Peethas are described in Devi Bhagwat and 52 in Tantra Chudamani.  After partition, only 42 Shakti Peethas remained in India.  There are 1 in Pakistan, 4 in Bangladesh, 1 in Sri Lanka, 1 in Tibet and 2 in Nepal.

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Unknown and mysterious things related to Shri Krishna's life

Unknown and mysterious things related to Shri Krishna's life

Read these stories of Krishna, you will be  the great fan of his wisdom

In today's article you can read stories of Lord Shri Krishna.  In this, we have also written some stories of Bal-Krishna, which children will surely like.Krishna's leela are very much liked by children and elders since ancient times.  Lord Shri Krishna ji has many stories, we are the repository of knowledge for all. Children are very happy with the funny stories of Krishna ji and learn positive things.  From the legend of Lord Krishna's birth to the stories of his mischief in Vrindavan is very amazing. We see Lord Krishna in many forms such as Bal Krishna, Makhan Chor Krishna, Radha Krishna and Lord Shri Krishna explaining Arjuna the essence of Gita in Kurukshetra.  Today, in this article, we have presented some stories of Lord Krishna in simple language, which children and elders can read and understand and get knowledge along with pleasure. All these stories are true stories based on the life of Lord Krishna.  You may have heard some of these stories from your parents or grandparents in your childhood. There is a time of Janmashtami and stories related to Shri Krishna and his stories are spreading fast on social media.  People know Krishna, but what do they even recognize?  Do you know that Krishna also broke his promise  or went against his army .. Let us tell you today some stories related to Krishna…

***Stories of lord shree krishna***

1. Krishna and Kalia Nag.

There was a beautiful freshwater lake connected by the river Yamuna.  Somewhere a very poisonous snake came and lived there, whose name was Kalia.  Kalia's poison was rapidly dissolving in the water of Yamuna river. Once a cow grazing person drank the water of that lake, he died.  When Lord Krishna came to know about this, he made the person alive with his power.
After that Shri Krishna jumped into the water of that lake.  Krishna went deep into the water and started calling that snake loudly.  When Krishna did not come out of the water for too long, the people of the village gathered and waited for him by the river.  Many people also started getting scared.  After some time, the Kalia snake came from inside the water in front of Krishna and on coming he attacked Krishna. In a short while, Krishna grabbed Kalia and climbed his head.  Kalia was a snake with a thousand heads.  Krishna started dancing fast on his head and due to the fast dancing, the blood of Kalia snake started coming out.  Seeing this, Kalia's wife came above the water and begged for Kalia's life. Krishna asked them to leave the Yamuna river  and go to the Ramanika dweep.  At the same time, Krishna assured Kalia that Garuda would never attack him now because Krishna's footprints had print on Kalia's head. Kalia was overjoyed to hear this and left that beautiful lake in the river Yamuna and left with his wife.  Thus Krishna protected the village from Kalia snake.

2 . Krishna and Govardhan mountain .

Once upon a time, Devraj Indra was very angry with the people of  Braj because people were listening to Lord Krishna and worshiping Govardhan Parvat and not worshiping Indra Dev.  Enraged, Indra sent clouds to rain heavily to punish them, causing the possibility of flooding throughout Vrindavan.
Let's say, the black clouds over Vrindavan started raining heavily.  Most people's houses were washed away due to excessive rainfall and floods. The people of Vrindavan got scared and all reached the shelter of Lord Krishna.  Lord Krishna had known everything about this situation.  At the same time Krishna lifted the entire Govardhan mountain like an umbrella on the little finger of his left hand. All the people and cows of Vrindavan started coming down one by one under the Govardhan mountain and thus Krishna saved the lives of the people of Vrindavan.  The people of Vrindavan were surprised to see this amazing  miracle of Krishna.  Seeing the power of Lord Krishna, the clouds returned and the residents of Vraj started living happily.

3 . Lord Krishna and Arishthasura 

Once a big bull entered Vrindavan and suddenly started attacking the people of the village.  The bull broke the house of many people due to which many people were also hurt. When Krishna came to know about this, he immediately approached the bull.  Shri Krishna discovered that the bull is a demon.  The name of that asura was Arishthasura.  On seeing Krishna, he ran to attack Krishna rapidly. Lord Krishna defeated him with his power.  As soon as he was defeated, the bull sat down in front of Lord Krishna.  He then told Krishna that he was a disciple of guru Brihaspati and had been cursed to become an asura bull due to mistreating his guru.  Thus Krishna saved the people of Braj from Arishthasura.

4 . Makhanchor lord Krishna

You must have known that Lord Krishna loved eating Makhan.  Because of Krishna stealing Makhan, his mother as well as all the people of Vrindavan got fed up due to Krishna stealing Makhan.  Lord Krishna's mother Yashoda used to hang Makhan's Matki in the upper part of the roof so that Krishna could not reach there and steal Makhan by eating it. Once, Yashoda Ma left home due to some urgent work.  At that time Krishna brought all his friends there.  With their help, he reached Makhan's Matki and broke Makhan's Matki and ate all Makhan.  Yashoda mother reached there at the same time.  All of Krishna's companions fled, but Krishna remained there.  After that Krishna got a good scolding from Yashoda's mother.

5 . Lord Krishna and a woman selling fruits

Once a woman was selling fruits.  While she was passing in front of Shri Krishna's house, Shri Krishna felt like eating some fruit.  When Krishna asked for some fruit from the woman who sold the fruit, she asked Krishna for something in return. Krishna went running inside the house to give food grains instead of fruits and came back to the fruit seller with a handful of grains.  But as he came, the whole grain fell from his hands. Krishna repeatedly goes inside the house and tries to bring some grains in his hand, but the whole grain would fall down.  She was very happy to see this and gave all the fruits to Krishna. Krishna was very happy with that woman.  When she went from Krishna's house containing her empty crate  and reached her home, she saw that her basket was full of gold and jewels.

6 .  Why Krishna called as Govinda

One day a cow named Kamadhenu came from heaven to Lord Krishna.  That cow told Krishna that she had come to anoint him from the Dev Lok because Krishna is protecting the cows on earth. The cow bathed Krishna with holy water and thanked him wholeheartedly.  At the same time, Lord Indra, seated on his elephant Airavat, appeared there and blessed Shri Krishna and said that people of the whole world will know you by the name of Govinda for these virtuous works.

7. Krishna and Putna 

The slaughter of Krishna's maternal uncle Kansa was decided by Lord Krishna.  After knowing this, Kansa used to send different asuras to slay Krishna.  Once Kansa sent a demon named Pootana.  Pootna reached Vrindavan and changed the disguise of a beautiful woman and started looking for Krishna in every house. At that time Krishna was very young.  When she reached Krishna's house, she recognized Krishna and picked up her lap for feeding  poisonous milk .  When she started feeding her poisonous milk to Krishna, she felt that Krishna would die as soon as he was drinking milk, but Krishna continued to drink milk till the demon woman died.  As soon as she died, she came into her real cruel form.

Interesting mythology of Kanha and Kumhar

Prabhu Shri Krishna has done many leela with the gopis.  Shri Krishna used to break the gopis's matki and steal makhan(butter )and the gopis went to Yashoda Maiya with complain of Shri Krishna.  This happened many times. Once upon a time, Yashoda Maiya got fed up with the complain of Lord Krishna and ran towards Shri Krishna with a stick.  When Prabhu saw his mother in anger, he started running to defend himself.  While running, Shri Krishna reached a Kumhar (potter).
The potter was busy making his clay pots.  But as soon as the potter saw Shri Krishna, he was very happy.  The potter knew that Shri Krishna is  God.  Then the Lord said to the potter, 'Potter, today my mother is very angry with me.  Maiya is following me with a stick.  Brother, hide me somewhere. '
Then the potter hid Shri Krishna under a pot with a big pot.  In a few moments, Maiya Yashoda also came there and started asking the potter - 'O the potter!  You have seen my Kanhaiya somewhere, what?
The potter said - 'No, mother!  I did not see Kanhaiya. '  Shri Krishna was listening to all these things hidden under a big pot.  Maiya left from there.
Now Lord Shri Krishna says to the potter - 'Potter, if my mother is gone, take me out of this pitcher.'
 The potter said - 'Not like this, Lord!  First promise  me to be freed from the bondage of 84 lakh yonis. '
God smiled and said - 'Okay, I promise to free you from eighty-four million yonis.  Take me out now. '
The potter started saying - 'I am not alone, Lord!  If you promise to free all the families of my family from the bond of eighty-four million yonis, then I will drive you out of this pitcher. '
Prabhu ji says - 'Come on, I promise to release them from the bond of eighty-four million yonis.  Now get me out of the pitcher. '
Now the potter says - 'Just, Lord!  There is one more request.  Promise to complete it too, then I will drive you out of the pitcher. '
God said - 'Tell me what you want to say.'
 The potter started saying - 'Lord!  The soil under the pitcher under which you are hidden has been loaded by my oxen.  Promise to free my bulls from the bond of eighty-four.
Pleased with the love of the potter, the Lord also promised to free those bulls from the bond of the eighty-four.
 Lord said - 'Now all your wishes are fulfilled, now let me out of the pitcher.'
Then the potter says - 'Not now, God!  That is, one last wish.  Complete that too and that is this - whatever creature will listen to this dialogue between us, you will also free it from the bond of eighty-four million lives.  Just give this promise, then I will drive you out of this pitcher.
Hearing the love of the potter, Lord Krishna was very happy and promised to fulfill this wish of the potter.
Then the potter drove the child Shri Krishna out of the pitcher.  Prostrated at his feet.  Prabhu's feet washed and took Charanamrit.  Sprinkled Charanamrit in his entire hut and cried so much in the embrace of Lord that he merged with God.
Just think, the child Krishna who could lift the  mountain on his own finger, could he not lift a pitcher?
But Natwar Nand Kishore is not be happy  without love.  No matter how many Yajnas, rituals, donations, no matter how much they do devotion, Lord Krishna cannot be found unless there is love for mere beings in the mind.

Everyone knows that Shri Krishna is also called Chhaliya.  Krishna vowed that he would not take up arms in the war of Mahabharata nor directly participate in the war.  But indirectly, Krishna helped the Pandavas many times.  Know how to fulfill own promise made to the Pandavas.
Asking Barbarik for his torso: Barbarik was the son of Ghatotkacha, he pleased Maa Kamakhya and received from him the boon of three impenetrable arrows, who were able to make him victorious in all three worlds.  Shri Krishna, taking a brahmin form, asked Barbarik for his head, so that the Pandavas could win this war.
To get killed Ghatotkacha by saving Arjuna from the divine power of Karna: Krishna had instilled fear for Ghatotkacha in Duryodhana's mind. Therefore, Karna killed Ghatotkacha by unfailing power at the behest of Duryodhana. Karna had this immense power saved for Arjuna but Duryodhana, who was afraid of Ghatotkacha, asked Karna to use this power.  It was a power whose attack could never be vacated.
Getting Jarasandha slaughtered: When Jarasandha's body was rejoined even after had broken by Bheema, the body in the two parts of Jarasandha in battle, it was Sri Krishna who broke the straw and threw it in different directions.  After which Bhima ripped Jarasandha's body and threw it in opposite directions.
Get Bhishma Pitamah killed by Shikhandi: Krishna knew that Bhishma Pitamah had vowed not to attack on the woman.  So Krishna made the Pandavas aware of this subject, and the Pandavas sent Shikhandi in front of Pitamaha's chariot and killed him by Arjuna's arrows on Krishna's advice.

To get kill Jayadratha by hiding Suryadev: After Abhimanyu was killed, Arjuna vowed to kill Jayadratha before sunset the next day, otherwise promised to take Agnisamadhi.  On which Kauravas hid Jayadratha in the rear of the army. Then Krishna did sunset from his maya and the hidden Jayadratha came out to see Arjuna taking Agnisamadhi, at the same time the sun came out again by the grace of Shri Krishna and immediately Arjun trampled everyone and killed Jayadratha and dropped his head into his father lap.
Gesture to kill Duryodhana: At the time of the battle of Bhima and Duryodhana, Shri Krishna made a gesture of slapping on thigh , then Bhima did gada attack on the thigh of Duryodhana . It was only Krishna who knew that his body was like iron, except for Duryodhana's thigh.
When Krishna broke his vow in Mahabharata ...
It is say that Shri Krishna did not take any weapon  in the battle of Mahabharata.  He only accepted the idea of ​​ becoming Arjuna's charioteer and gave his advice  throughout the war, but is this really true?  Two arguments are given behind this matter.  It all starts when Duryodhana was showing anger at Bhishma Pitamah.  The reason was that not a single Pandava was dead.
Now there are also two stories about what Bhishma answered to Duryodhana.  According to the first story, Bhishma gets angry and gives 5 gold arrows to Duryodhana after reciting the mantra and says that tomorrow will be the end of the Pandavas.  On this, Duryodhana keeps arrows with him.  When Shri Krishna finds this, he sends Arjuna to Duryodhana.
It is famous in the stories that Arjun had saved Duryodhana's life and Duryodhana had promised Arjun that he could ask for anything from him.  In this, Krishna told Arjuna to ask for five gold arrows from Duryodhana.  Duryodhana gives it. Bhishma Pitamah gets angry with this and fights to kill Arjuna.  Arjun does not stand in front of Bhishma and falls.  At that time, Shri Krishna lifts the broken wheel of the chariot and proceeds to kill Bhishma, though Arjuna stops him and later Bhishma falls from the chariot and falls on the arrows, but still Krishna takes the weapon.
In the second story, the story is the same, but Bhishma promises Duryodhana that he will make Draupadi a widow by killing five Pandavas.  When Krishna comes to know about this, he asks Draupadi to touch Bhishma's feet without telling who she is. Draupadi does this and Bhishma blesses her to be always  suhaagan and live long.  When he come to know the truth, he is angry with Krishna.  At that time Krishna says that if your vow is broken because of me then my vow will be broken because of you.  And only then he lift the wheel of the chariot to save Arjun.
Krishna died due to curse ...
In the battle of Mahabharata, 100 sons of Gandhari died.  When Shri Krishna reached Gandhari, the unhappy Gandhari cursed him that in after 36 years he would be killed and with him the Yadu dynasty would be destroyed.
Shri Krishna knew that the Yadu dynasty has now come to greed and fascination.  So he just said thaastu.  The second curse was received from sage Durvasa.  Durvasa Rishi told Krishna to apply Kheer in his whole body.  Krishna did just this, leaving only his feet.  Angered by this, Durvasa cursed that Krishna would die because of his feet. Once when Shri Krishna was in the Samadhi, a hunter, Jara, considered Krishna's leg as an animal and shot an arrow at him.

16,108 queens of Krishna ..

They all know that Krishna had 16108 queens and 80 children, but why Krishna had only eight patranis(main queen)?  Actually, Rukmani, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravrinda, Bhadra and Lakshmana were the main queens of Krishna. Krishna had 10 children from every queen.  The remaining 16100 women were rescued by Krishna from a demon Narakasura and sent to their respective homes. Someone's family did not adopt them, then Shri Krishna married them, but never made any relationship.

Why Krishna turned against his own army…
Before the war of Mahabharata, both Duryodhana and Arjuna went to Krishna for help.  When both arrived, Krishna was sleeping.  Duryodhana stood near Krishna's head and Arjuna folded his hands near his feet. When Krishna woke up, he saw Arjuna and said to support him.  Duryodhana was angry at this and said that he had come earlier and Krishna should support him.  On this, Krishna said that he has seen Arjuna before, so both will have to help.  Krishna gave his army to Duryodhana on this and became the charioteer of Arjuna.

Yogeshwar Shri Krishna has been presenting life philosophy to the public since time immemorial.  His playful childhood or the perfect ideal life, his miracles or his preaching of dharma and karma given by him to Arjuna in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.  The reflection of Shri Krishna's personality is present in every particle. Shrikrishna Nishkam Karmayogi, an ideal philosopher, situated knowledge and a great man equipped with divine wealth.  Sri Krishna was born in this land of India some 5,200 years ago (Dwaparyuga).  According to Hinduism, Lord Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the Trideva.  Sri Krishna has been ranked as the best man of the Dvaparyuga, Yugapurusha or Yugavatara.  The character of Krishna is written elaborately in the Shrimad Bhagavat and Mahabharata, composed by Maharishi Ved Vyasa, contemporary of Sri Krishna. In the present-day philosophy of Shri Krishna is as relevant as it was in Dwaparyuga.  In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna has explained the dharma in detail - the person who follows the dharma, the dharma also protects it and the one who does not follow the dharma and consumes unrighteousness, dharma also does not protect it. Just as Sri Krishna explained dharma in detail in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, similarly Karma has also fully described it.  Through the Gita, Shri Krishna inspired Arjuna to do unattached karma i.e. 'karma without wishing for results. Sri Krishna was a complete yogi and also was warrior.  Each of his forms is beautiful.  His childish form is so adorable that he has become an ideal of childhood.  That is why this form of Shri Krishna is worshiped on Janmashtami, in which he steal Makhan and eat Makhan, break the gopis's matki, and also killed Asuras with fun. On the banks of the Yamuna and in the forests of the Yamuna itself, Krishna along with the cow and gopis, in the childhood, killed Pootana slaughter, Shaktasura slaughter, Yamalarjuna moksha, Kaliya Daman, Dhenuk slaughter, Pralamb slaughter, Arishta slaughter, Kalayavan slaughter etc.  Kansa was killed in his teens with older brother Baldev. In the same way, his Raslila, loving nature towards Gopis is also adorable.  Similarly, his Yogeshwar form and the guiding form of Arjuna in the Mahabharata fascinate and inspire everyone.  In his leelas he is Makhanchor, Arjuna's guru & guide, poor Sudama's best friend, Draupadi's protector, Radhaji's prince,  ending Indra's pride as became Govardhandhaari.  All his forms and all his works are his leelas.  His leelas are so multifaceted that he is called Leelapurushottam in Sanatan texts.

I have tried to write about Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami. But the more I write and tell about Krishna, the less it seems. It is so versatile that there are stories full of mythology and folklore. Krishna's life is so multicolored that no one on this earth has lived such a life like him, every story of life cannot be connected without him. As I have told before that it is impossible to write everything about him. So through this blog  I will keep writing stories related to him from time to time. Do read every article of this blog.  Must visit every label .... thanks

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The secrets of maa Durga

The secrets of maa Durga

You will be surprised to know the secrets of maa Durga

Maa Durga holds the highest position among the goddesses in Hinduism.  She is called Ambe, Jagadambe, Sherawali, Pahadwali etc.  She has hundreds of temples all over India.  There is more Shaktipeeth than Jyotirlinga.  Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati are the wives of Trideva.  Different information about her story is mentioned in the Puranas.  In the Puranas reveal the mystery of the Goddess in the Devibhagwat purana.
After all, what is the secret about those Amba, Jagadamba, Sarveshwari etc.?  It is also important to know.  Those who have complete knowledge about Mata Rani are her true devotees.  Although it is also true that here in this article complete information about her cannot be given, but I can trying to tell so much, what should you know?
Who is the mata Rani?  :
 1.Ambika: According to Shivpuran, that indestructible Parabrahma (Kaal) expressed the wish of the second after some time.  Within him, the resolve to be one to many emerged. Then that formless God conceived the shape with his lila power, which is the idolless Supreme Brahm.  He is the supreme Brahm Lord Sadasiva.  Alone Sadashiva who wandered in all the direction  to his will, created maa Shakti from his idol(body), which was never going to be separated from his divine body. Sadashiv's strength has been described as the dominant nature, quality of maya, the mother of the intellect element and unvarnished. She is called Shakti Ambika (not Parvati nor Sati).  She is also called Prakriti, Sarveshwari, Trideva Janani (mother of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), Nitya(eternal) and root cause. There are 8 arms of that Shakti as revealed by Sadasiva.  Parashakti Jagatjanani Goddess, she is endowed with various divine power and takes a variety of weapon power.  Even though one, that maya power becomes many by her desire .  That Shakti is the ardhangini(wife) of Sadashiva, also known as Jagadamba.
2. Devi Durga: There was a great powerful monster born in the dynasty of Hiranyaksha,he was son of Ruru named Durgamasura.  All the deities were stricken by durgamasura.  He surrounded the city of Indra's, Amravati.  The gods were became powerless as a result, they considered it best to flee from heaven.
They ran away and hid in the holes and caves of the mountains and started worshiping Adi Shakti Ambika for help.  The Goddess appeared and blessed the Gods to be fearless. A messenger told Durgamasura all this saga and there was talk of incarnation of the protector of the gods.  Immediately, Durgamasur became angry and went to war with all his weapons and his army.  A fierce battle ensued and Devi destroyed all demons army including Durgamasura.  Since then this goddess began to be called Durga.
3. Mata Sati: Lord Shankar is also called Mahesh and Mahadev.  The same Shankar first married Dakshayani, daughter of king Daksha . That Dakshayani is called Sati.  Sati finished her life by jumping into the yagna of her father Daksha due to insulting her husband Shankar. Lord Shankar wandered from place to place with the body of Mother Sati.  Wherever the parts and ornaments of Goddess Sati fell, Shaktipeeths were built there. After this, Mata Sati took birth in Himalayaraja as Parvati and did severe penance of Lord Shiva and got Shiva again and became famous in the world as Parvati.
4. Mata Parvati: Mother Parvati was Shankar's second wife, who was Sati in the previous birth.  Goddess Parvati's father's name was Himwan and mother's name was Rani Mainavati.  Mata Parvati is called Gauri, Mahagauri, Pahariwali and Sherawali.  Mata Parvati is also considered as Durga Swaroopa.  Parvati's two sons are believed to be prominent, one is Sriganesh and the other is Karthikeya.
5. Kaitabha: According to Padmapuran, both brothers named Madhu and Kaitabh were towards Hiranyaksha in Dewasur Sangram.  According to the Markandeya Purana, Uma killed Kaitabh, causing her to be called 'Kaitabha'.  According to Durga Saptasati, Ambika's power Mahamaya killed both with her yogic shakti.
6.Kali: According to mythological belief, Lord Shiva had four wives.  The first Sati who sacrificed her life by jumping into the yajna.  This sati came in the second birth as Parvati, who has sons Ganesh and Karthikeya.  Then  a third wife of Shiva called Uma.  Goddess Uma has also been called the Goddess of the land.  It is the only temple in Uttarakhand.  Mother Kali is the fourth wife of Lord Shiva.  She killed the terrible demons on this earth.  Kali Mata was the one who killed Asura Raktabij.  She is considered to be the chief among the das Mahavidyas.  
7. Mahishasura Mardini: The daughter of a Katyayan sage from one of Navadurga killed Mahishasura, the son of Rambhasur.  He had the boon of Brahma that he would be killed at the hands of a woman. After killing him, Mother called Mahishasura Mardini.  According to another legend, when all the gods could not win even after fighting with him, then Lord Vishnu said that together with all the gods, worship the Bhagwati superpower due to everyone. A divine glory emerged from the body of all the gods and appeared as a supremely beautiful woman.  Himwan gave the lion to ride Bhagwati and all the gods presented their weapons in the service of Mahamaya. Pleased with the gods, Bhagwati soon assured to free them from the fear of Mahishasura and killed him after a fierce battle.
8. Tulja Bhavani and Chamunda Mata: Worship of Mata Tulja Bhavani and Chamunda Mata is prevalent at many places across the country.  Especially this is more in Maharashtra.  Actually Mata Ambika called Chamunda because of slaying of Asuras named Chand and Mund.  Tulja Bhavani Mata is also known as Mahishasura Mardini.  We have already discussed above about Mahishasura Mardini.
9. Ten Mahavidyas: Some of the ten Mahavidyas are Goddess Amba, some are Sati or Parvati and some are other .  Although everyone is seen connecting with Mata Kali.  The ten Mahavidyas named the following. Kali, Tara, Chinnamasta, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripurbhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala.  Somewhere their names are found in this order: -1.Kali, 2.Tara, 3.Tripurasundari, 4.Bhuvaneshwari, 5.Chinnamasta, 6.Tripurbhairavi, 7.Dhumavati, 8.Balamukhi, 9.Matangi and 10.Kamala .
Navratri: Navratri festival is held twice a year.  The first is known as Chaitra Navratri and the second is known as Sharadiya Navratri of the month of Ashwin.  In this way, the whole year consists of 18 days of Durga, out of which nine days of Sharadiya Navratri are celebrated, which is called Durgotsav. Chaitra Navratri is believed to be for Shaiva Tantrikas.  Under this, Tantric rituals and difficult practices are performed and second Sharadiya Navratri is for Satvik people only for devotion and celebration of mother.
Navratri Vrat: In Navratri, food, along with alcohol, meat and coitus is sacrificed for the entire nine days.  In the said nine days, if a person insults the mother in any way or unknown, they have to face severe punishment.  Many people have been seen dancing to discos and film songs in the name of Garba Utsav.  This is a gross insult to the mother.
Navadurga's secrets : These Navadurga are - 1. Shailaputri 2. Brahmacharini 3. Chandraghanta 4. Kushmanda 5. Skandamata 6. Kakatiyani 7. Kaalratri 8. Mahagauri 9. Siddhidatri.  Parvati Mata is also known as Shailputri, being the daughter of the mountain Himalayas.  Brahmacharini means when she found Shiva through penance. Chandraghanta means a lunar-shaped tilak on its head.  After gaining the power to generate the universe, she came to be called Kushmanda.  From the abdomen to the whole body, she contain the universe within her, which is why she is called Kushmanda.  According to some people, because of being worshiped by a society named Kushmanda, it was called Kushmand.  Parvati's son Karthikeya is also named Skanda, hence she is called Skanda's mother. Pleased with the penance of Maharishi Katyayan, she was born to his as a daughter, hence she is also called Katyayani.  It is noteworthy that just as there are incarnations of Vishnu, so also of Mother.  The daughter of the Katyayana sage killed Mahishasura.  After killing him, she called Mahishasura Mardini.  Kat was a famous Maharishi, his sons was Katyas and the famous sage Katyayan was born in the tribe of these Katyas. Maa Parvati Devi Kaal means that she is going to destroy every kind of crisis, that is why it is called Kalratri.  Mother's color is completely Gaur i.e. Gaura (White), which is why she is called Mahagauri. However, according to some Puranas, when his color turned black due to hard penance, then Shiva processed and washed her body with the holy water of Ganga ji, then she became extremely radiant - like thunder light. Since then, she was named Mahagauri.  The devotee who remains completely devoted to her, gives them all kinds of Siddhi(accomplishments), that is why she is called Siddhidatri.
Tiger and Lion: Each goddess has a different vehicle.  Goddess Durga  is riding on Tiger ,Goddess Parvati on the lion.  Parvati's son Karthikeya is also named Skanda, which is why she is called Skanda's mother. She is shown riding on a lion.  Katyayani Devi is also shown riding on the lion.  Goddess Kushmanda is riding on a lion.  Mata Chandraghanta is also riding on a lion.   Shailputri and Mahagauri ride on bull(Taurus).  Mata Kalratri is riding a donkey, while Siddhidatri sits on a lotus.
According to a legend, Goddess Parvati did austerities for thousands of years to get Shiva in husband form.  The goddess became darker by penance.  One day after the marriage with Lord Shiv, when Lord Shiv was sitting with Parvati, then Lord Shiv joked with Parvati and said Kali. Goddess Parvati was shocked by this thing of Shiva and left Kailash and became absorbed in penance.  Meanwhile a hungry lion arrived there with a desire to eat the goddess.  He sat silently on seeing goddess concentrate in austerity. The lion started thinking about when Devi got up from penance and made her own diet.  Meanwhile many years passed but the lion  stood in its place.  Meanwhile, on completion of the penance of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva appeared and gave the boon of Parvati Gauravarna i.e. white. After this, Goddess Parvati took a bath in the Ganges and from her body, a dark goddess appeared who called Kaushiki and became Gauravarna Goddess started to call Parvati Gauri. Goddess Parvati made vehicle  the lion who was sitting to eat her.  The reason for this was that lion kept his attention for years by keeping an eye on her while waiting for the Goddess to eat.  Devi took it as the penance of lion and took it into her service.  Therefore, both lion and bull are considered vehicles of Goddess Parvati. 
Community of Goddess: The religion of all the goddesses related to Ambe or Ambika is Shakta.  The Nath sect is considered a sub-sect of the Shaiva sect.  Shakta sect is considered to be the community of Goddess. Indus Valley Civilization also finds evidence of worship of Mother Goddess.  Shakta sect is an ancient sect.  During the Gupta period it was popular in the countries of North-Eastern India, Cambodia, Java, Bornea and Malaya.  After the rises of Buddhism, its influence decreased. Shakta sect is considered under Shaivism.  Shaktas believe that the supreme power of the world is feminine which is why they worship Goddess Durga in the form of God.  In all the religions of the world, God is visualized as a man. That means God may be like a man, but Shakta Dharma is the only religion in the world that considers the creator of creation as mother or woman.  In fact, this is the only religion of women.  Shiva is a dead body, Shakti is the ultimate light.  However, the Saankhya of Shakta philosophy is the same. 
Purpose of Shakta Dharma: Everyone's aim is salvation, yet accumulate power.  Worship the power.  Power is life, power is religion, power is truth, power is everywhere and we all need power.  Be strong, be brave, be fearless, be independent and be powerful.  That is why the seekers of Nath and Shakta sect continue to do different types of yoga and meditation to become powerful.  Achievements continue.
Pilgrimage of Shakti: All the temples of Mata are miraculous.  Everyone knows about the miracles of Mata Hinglaj, Nainadevi, Jwaladevi etc. Apart from 51 or 52 Shakti Peethas, there are hundreds of ancient temples of Maa Durga.  Famous temples of Mother are Tulja Bhawani Temple of Kolhapur, Shaktipeeth of Mother of Pavagadh of Gujarat, Vindhyavasini Dham, Patan Devi, Tulja and Chamunda Mata of Dewas, Mother Sharda of Mehar, Kali Mata of Kolkata, Vaishno Devi of Jammu, Mansa Devi of Uttaranchal, Nayana Devi, etc.
Shakta Dharma Granth: 'Sridurga Bhagavata Purana' is a major book in relation to Durga in Shakta Sampradaya, which describes 108 devipeeths.  Among them, 51-52 Shaktipeeths have special significance.  Durga Saptashati is in this.

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What is the reason behind offering sindoor to Hanuman ji?

What is the reason behind offering sindoor to Hanuman ji?  Know here

Why Hanuman ji is offered sindoor, know- religious significance

Sindoor has great importance in Hinduism.  Sindoor is considered to be auspicious.  Sindoor is also very fond by Hanumanji. Though many Gods and Goddesses like Ganeshji, Mataji and Bhairav ​​Maharaj are offered sindoor, but Hanumanji is mainly offered sindoor.  Today I am telling you that why sindoor is offered to Hanumanji?
Hanumanji is a dear devotee of Shriramji.  Hanumanji also takes the same thing from which Shri Ramji benefits.  Rama and Sita always sit in his heart.  He is ready to do anything to get the blessings of Lord Rama.

Sri Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Lord Rama, is the one who imparts strength, wisdom and knowledge. Devotees offer sindoor to their adorable Sri Hanuman with great love.  It is believed that offering sindoor pleased Bajrang Bali. But have you ever wondered why Hanuman ji is offered sindoor and why does he always wear a sindoor colored cloth?  Though sindoor is a symbol of good luck and energy, but two stories are popular about offering sindoor to Hanuman ji. Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Shri Rama.  Hence he is also called Rambhakta Hanuman.  Worshiping Lord Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Shri Rama, removes every obstacle in life.  Lord Hanuman is worshiped on Tuesday.  Many people offer sindoor to Hanuman ji on completion of the vow.

There are two very interesting stories behind offering sindoor to Lord Hanuman.  Which only few people know.

According to this legend, Lord Hanuman once saw Mother Sita applying vermilion in her forehead.  Seeing this, he wonderfully asked her why she had applied this sindoor on her forehead. Sita ji while answering the question of Brahmachari Hanuman said that by applying sindoor, my lord (Husband) has longevity and he remains happy .  She also said that my husband is be pleased on me. Hanuman ji was very happy to hear this.  He thought that if Shri Ram could be happy with sindoor with little quantity , then if I applied sindoor on the whole body, he would be very happy with me also and by applying sindoor on the whole body, Shri Ram would become immortal. Hanuman ji presented himself in front of Shri Ram by applying sindoor on the whole body.  When he reached the meeting, Shri Ram started laughing at seeing him and was very happy to see Hanuman ji's love.  Seeing Sri Rama happy, Hanuman ji became strongly convinced of Sita ji's words.  For this reason, sindoor is offered to the devotee Hanuman.
Ramji was shocked when he saw Hanuman in this form.  When Rama asked Hanuman the reason for applying sindoor all over his body, Hanumanji clearly said that this will make you immortal and I too will get your affection like mother Sita.  Hearing this, Shrirama got emotional and embraced Hanumanji.  Since That Time, sindoor is very dear to Hanumanji and Hanumanji is happy on offering sindoor.
If we talk about scientific vision, then according to science, every color has a special type of energy.  The sindoor is a symbol of energy and when the devotee tilak(applying sindoor on head) with it after offering Hanumanji, the energy center between the two eyes becomes active.  Doing this brings good thoughts to the mind.  At the same time, the energy of God is attained by offering ghee mixed sindoor to Hanumanji, obstacles are eliminated.
According to another story, when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita after the Lanka victory, the monkey army was given a farewell.  Mother Sita took off the garlands studded with precious pearls and diamonds from her neck and wore him while giving  presents to Hanuman ji. Lord Rama was not mentioned in any of the beads or diamonds of the garland.  Therefore Hanuman ji was not happy.  Then Sita ji applied sindoor on the forehead of Hanuman ji.  Sita ji told Hanuman ji that she does not have anything more important than this.  Since then Hanuman ji started to be offered sindoor.  Sindoor is a symbol of boundless energy.  This brings positiveness in life.  Hanuman ji gets positive energy by offering sindoor and oil , red cloth and touching the idol.  People who are suffering from Shani Dev must offer oil and sindoor to Bajrang Bali.
Sindoor is also given great importance in Hinduism.  According to Indian tradition, sindoor is considered the crown of any suhagan's (married wowam whose husband is alive) forehead.  Sindoor is also used for the well-being of married life.  It is said that sindoor is mainly orange in color.  Women use it for good luck and makeup.  A marriage without sindoor cannot be imagined.  It is linked to Mars.  Therefore it is considered to be auspicious.

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Why Narada Muni cursed to Lord Vishnu?

Why  Narada Muni cursed to Lord Vishnu?

Hello friends

Narayana… Narayana… On hearing this word, the image of Narada comes in our mind.  Narada used to win over everyone with his wisdom and clever words.  Do you know that Narada who is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Everyone is aware that Devarshi Narada is best one of the many devotees of Lord Vishnu. Narada, the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu, is the son of Brahma, the creator of the universe.  According to Srimad Bhagwat and Vayu Purana, Narada was born from the thigh of Brahma. He has been called the messengers of the Vedas.  It is believed that Veena was invented by Narada.  Today I am going to tell you about such a story related to Narada. This story explain how lord Vishnu realized Narada to his mistake .

               Narada Muni is considered the knower of all the Vedas.  Due to this knowledge, Mata Parvati was a big fan of him.  Once Shiva and Mata Parvati were sitting.  That's when Mata Parvati starts praising Narada.  Lord Shiva then explains that Narada is indeed a storehouse of knowledge, but once he had to become a monkey due to this ego of knowledge.

Hearing this, Mata was surprised when Mata Parvati asked Shivji the whole incident .

Lord Shiva said that Devi when Narada became the knower of all the Vedas, he became proud that no one else in the world is more knowledgeable than him, then Liladhar Vishnu created Leela to break the pride of Narada. Once Narada Muni was wandering on the peaks of the Himalayas, then saw a cave next to which Ganga ji was flowing, animal birds were roaming all around. Seeing such a beautiful atmosphere, devotion to Shri Hari Vishnu prevailed in his heart and he sat in the same cave and meditated on Lord Vishnu, seeing that Devraj Indra got frightened. He started thinking that Narada ji has acquired all kinds of knowledge.  Then why is he doing penance or it it may he have a wish in his mind.  He started penance just to get Indrasana(Kingdom of heaven), so Indra sent Kamadeva to break the penance of Narada.
After reaching there, Kamadev fed colorful flowers from his illusion.  Fragrant winds started blowing to ignite Kamagni(lust).  Urvashi Apsara started dancing and performing the body expose .  But it had no effect on Narada Muni.  So all the apsaras including Kamadeva apologized to Narada and went back.
After Kamadeva's departure, Narada Muni came to Shiva and told him about victory over Kamadeva.  God understood that Narada Muni has been caught by arrogance.  So, smiling and said that what you have told me, do not tell Shri Hari Vishnu.  But Narada started thinking that after all I have defeated Kamadeva.  I will not tell anyone, so how people will know .
Narada ji thought in his mind, Shankarji keeps saying.  It seems that Bhole Baba was jealous of me that I defeated Kamadeva.  This is what happens when there is pride.  The doors of wisdom and conscience are closed. This brought pride to Narada Muni.  Narada Muni began to think of himself as bigger than Lord Shiva. The same thing happened with Narada ji.  He rushed to Brahma ji and told him to story of defeat Kamadeva.  Brahma ji said, really Narada, you have done wonders.
Thinking this, he directly approached Shri Hari Vishnu and even after Shiva refused, he told the entire story to Shri Hari Vishnu, now seeing the devotee Narada suffering with arrogance, Shri Hari Vishnu created a leela to remove Narada's ego .
When Narada ji went away from Lord Vishnu, Vishnu ji with his illusion built a beautiful city on the way to Narada and his king's name was Shilnidhi and the daughter of that king Vishwamohini who was really very beautiful.  For whose marriage the king had organized a swayamvar.  That's why many kings came to that city.  Narada ji also reached there.
Now seeing the Devarshi came, the king welcomed him and seeing the palm of his daughter, urged him to describe the future .  But when Narada ji saw that girl, he was so fascinated by that girl that he forgot own disinterest and the palm of that girl was telling that whoever gets married to her, no one in the world can beat him and he will be immortal . Now Narada ji told the king something else by not telling this thing.  And on the way there, Narada ji thought that this girl is suitable for me.  Some such measures should be taken.  That girls marry me only.
Thinking this, he appeared in front of Shri Hari Vishnu and told the whole thing that "Lord, the beautiful face of you belongs to no other in this world. So you give me your beautiful Hari form, so that I can marry that beautiful girl. Then Shri Hari Vishnu said that devotee Narada I will do what is best for you and your future and gave Narada the monkey form, Narada felt that now he looks exactly like Vishnu. Therefore, Narada immediately entered Vishwamohini's swayamvara.  There 2 Ganas of Shiva were also present in the form of Brahmin.  Both of them started telling  Narada, saying that God has given him such a beautiful form that the princess will definitely choose her bridesmaid.  Hearing this, Naradji was very happy in his mind.
But at the same time, Lord Vishnu also assumed the form of a king and came to the Swayamvara.  When the swayamvara started, Vishwa Mohini did not even look at Narada and put a garland in the neck of King's form Vishnu ji, seeing that Narada Muni got upset. Just then Shiva's Ganas taunted and asked Narada to look at his face in the mirror, so when Muni saw his face in the water, he got angry and cursed both the Ganas to be born in the demon's form. But when he saw his face again in the water, he had regained his true form, but Naradji, who became a joke, went out in angry to meet  Vishnu and on the way he met Lord Vishnu Mata Lakshmi and Vishwamohini.  
Now seeing the three together, Narad ji's anger increased further and without thinking he said to Lord Vishnu that you have always cheated.  Whether the gods have to drink nectar or give poison to Shiva.  But what you have done to me.  You will definitely have to bear the results of this.  I curse you that you will have to take birth as a human being in the earth. You have taken me away from woman, so you will have to bear female separation.  You have given me a monkey form, so you will have to seek help from the monkey, only then Lord Vishnu has finished his illusion and after the withdrawal of Maya, when Narada remembered his curse, he was very sorry but the given curse can not be taken back.
Therefore, Shri Hari Vishnu had to incarnate on the earth in the form of Sri Rama.  Here, seeing the impact of maya finished on Narada, both the Shiva's gana asked the path of salvation, then Narada Ji said that you will be born on earth as both Ravana and Kumbhakaran and will get liberate from the hands of Lord Rama, the incarnation of Shri Hari Vishnu. 
Some important lesson from this story.

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