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Birth of maa durga

Birth of maa durga

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             Today's story is narrated in Chapter 2 of Shri Durga Saptashati, which tells how Goddess Durga was born from the luster of all the gods, and which Gods's luster became the parts of Goddess Durga and which weapons and power were given to Durga by Gods, let us know in detail….

Friends, there was a fierce battle between the gods and the asuras in the ancient time, in which Mahishasura was the lord of the asuras and Indra was the lord of the gods .
In that battle, the army of the gods was defeated by Mahishasura badly, and after conquering the gods, Mahishasura himself became Indra. Then the defeated deity took the Bramhaji to the place where Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu were seated .
And the Gods bowed down to both the Maheshwars and talked about the might of Mahishasura and his defeat with Lord Shiva and Vishnu . And said that O deveshwar Mahishasura has taken away the rights of all the gods and has become Indra himself, and we gods are wandering on ​​the earth like ordinary humans. Now we have come to your shelter, now you all can rid us of that Asura Mahishasura, so think of some way of killing him. Hearing such words, Lord Shiva and Vishnu ji felt very angry at that monster, their eyes raised their eyebrows, then a divine light was generated from the face of Vishnu filled with great anger. And that same type of light also originated from the face of Lord Shiva and Brahma and all the gods, and when that brightness united, then that light beam changed into the shape of a mountain, from which the whole directions started to illuminate .
Then the face of the goddess was revealed by the luster of Lord Shiva, the luster of Shri Vishnu produced the arms of the goddess, the luster of Yamraj produced the hair of her head,
both breasts by the Chandradeva's luster, the middle part of Indra's luster, by Varuna's luster thigh and the shin, the back part by the earth's luster , Brahma's luster produced both her feet, and the sun's luster produced her fingers, The fingers of the hands were revealed by the luster of the vasu, and by the luster of the Kuber, the nostrils (nose) were revealed. The teeth of that goddess appeared by the luster of Prajapati and the all three eyes by luster of Agnideva, and similarly the eyebrows appeared by the Samudradeva, and the ears by the Vayudeva's luster, similarly the luster of the many gods reflected the goddess Kalyani .

At that time, all the gods were very happy to see the goddess born from the luster of all the gods, then Lord Shiva provided a trishul by removing it from his trishul, Vishnu gave it to the goddess by generating the chakra from his chakra. Varun gave the conch, Agni gave shakti, Vayudev gave the bow and arrow, Devraj Indra gave bajra , Yamraj gave kaaldanda, Varun gave paas . Prajapati gave a garland of crystals, Brahmaji gave kamandal, Surya provided own's light, Kaal gave sword and shield, Ksheersagar gave a bright necklace, divine chudamani, two kundalas, kayur(armlets) for all arms, nupur for both feet, bracelet , bright crescent, beautiful clavicle of the throat, ring made of jewels for all fingers, and never diluted (messy) cloth to be provided .Vishwakarma gave a very frightful fursa(axe), as well as a variety of weaponry weapons, impenetrable armor . Jaldhi (sea) presented her with a beautiful lotus flower, the Himalayas gave the gems and lion for the ride, and Kubera gave a kalas full of honey, and Sheshnag, the king of all the serpents who holds this earth, gave her a garland decorated with pearls . 

Other gods also honored the goddess by giving all kinds of weapons, after that the goddess and her lion roared in a loud voice that caused the three folk to tremble and the earth started moving, at that time all the gods praised the goddess Singhwahini Bhavani,  Thus Mata Sherawali was born

And from the same gathered luster came the appearance of a woman whose light seemed to be spread in the three worlds, then the glory of Lord Shiva revealed the face of that goddess .Shree Vishnu's luster produced the arms of the goddess, Yamraj's luster produced her hair on her head, by Chandra's luster both breasts, by Indra's luster mid-section, by Varuna's luster thigh and shin, by Earth's luster buttocks it appeared, both the feet by Brahma's luster, and the luster of the Sun produced her fingers The fingers of the hands were revealed by the luster of the vasus, and by the luster of the Kuber, the nostrils (nose) were revealed.The teeth of that goddess appeared with the luster of Prajapati and the all three eyes with Agnideva, and similarly the eyebrows appeared from the Sandhya and the ears appeared by Vaayudeva's luster, similarly the luster of the many gods reflected the goddess Kalyani.At that time, all the gods were very happy to see the goddess born of the luster of all the gods, then Lord Shiva gave away a Trishul from his trishul and provided it . Vishnu provided the Goddess by generating the chakra from his chakra, Varuna gave the conch, Agni provided  Shakti, Vayu Dev gave the bow and arrow, Devraj Indra gave the bajra from the bajra . Yamraj gave kaaldanda, Varun gave paas, Prajapati gave the rosary of crystal, Brahma ji gave the kamandal, Surya gave his light, Kaal gave the sword and shield . Ksheersagar gave the bright necklace, divine chudamani, two kundalas, armlet for all arms, nupur for both feet, bracelet , bright crescent, beautiful necklet of the throat, ring made of jewels for all fingers, and never damaged  (messy) , clothes to be provided.Vishwakarma gave a very serene fursa, as well as a variety of weaponry weapons, impenetrable armor, Jaldhi (sea) presented her with a beautiful lotus flower, the Himalayas gave lion for the ride, and Kubera gave a pan full of honey, And Sheshnag, the king of all the serpents who holds this earth, he gave the divine garland decorated with beads.Vishwakarma gave a very frightful fursa(axe), as well as a variety of weaponry weapons, impenetrable armor.Other gods also honored the goddess by giving all kinds of weapons, after that the goddess and her lion roared in a loud voice that caused the three worlds to tremble and the earth started moving, at that time all the gods praised the goddess Singhwahini Bhavani,  Thus Mata Sherawali was born.

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Why do crows have a black color .

Why do crows have a black color .

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                    Have you ever wondered why crows are black in color?  According to religious beliefs and legends, the color of the crow was white at first but due to the curse, it became black.  Because according to Hinduism black color is considered inauspicious. 

Therefore, the crow is also considered a symbol of inauspicious, according to popular folk tales: - In ancient times there was a great sage.  Who once sent a crow to search for the nectar and also warned that he would only find it and not to drink.  Then the color of crows was white.
That crow started wandering in the forest mountain, river, drain in search of nectar everywhere, from this end of the earth to that end, after a long gap he finally found the nectar but when the crow reached near the nectar and saw the nectar, his intelligence was corrupted .  He got a thought in his mind that if I should ownself drink nectar and will become immortal, so he drank the nectar, but when the sage thought about it and remembered his words, he was very sorry.  But now he had drunk nectar .    So the repenting crow returned to Maharishi.  When the crow reached the sage.  So Maharishi asked the what crow brother got amrit or came back in the same way.  Ashamed crow said that O Munivar Amrit had got it, but seeing it, my intellect got corrupted.  And I drank it myself, listening to it, the sage was filled with anger and said that even after stopping me, you drank the nectar. You have disobeyed me.  Has violated my command.  You will surely get its punishment.
I curse you that your color will turn black.  Although you have drunk the nectar.  Therefore you will not have any disease nor will you get old, so you will always receive premature death and the whole world will condemn you, only for 14 days of Shraddha, you will be respected and for the rest of the days you will only get reproach.  Therefore, for 14 days of Shraddha, crows are treated as Pitra form(ancestral) and are fed .

Although I do not think that there is any truth in this story, but it is prevalent in public stories, people believe, so I have written it, what do you think, please tell me in the comments, thank you .

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Shiva's auspicious symbols

Shiva's auspicious symbols:

These 12 things are known as Bholenath

The auspicious signs or symbols of Lord Shiva are very important.  There is some secret hidden behind each of their auspicious symbols.  Apart from Aak flowers, bilvapatra, water, milk and sandalwood, he also loves many things.  Let's know 12 such things from which Lord Bholenath is known.

1. Shiva lingam: Shiva lingam signifies the nirguna and formless form of Lord Shiva.  It is also a symbol of Brahm, the soul and the universe.  According to the Vayu Purana, all the creation which gets absorbed in the holocaust and in the re-creation from which the universe appears is called Shivalinga.

2. Trishul(Trident): Lord Shiva always had a trident.  Trishul is also indicative of the destruction of 3 types of sufferings daily, divine, physical.  It has 3 types of powers- Sat, Raz and Tama.  The 3 prongs of the trident also represent the rise, preservation and sublimation of the world respectively.  According to Shaivism, Shiva is the ruler of these three roles.  It represents the Pashupati, animal and loop of Shaivite doctrine. It is believed that it is also a symbol of 3 times (present, past, future) of Mahakaleshwar.  Apart from this, it symbolizes the establishment of unity with the supreme position of the self, universe and power.  It is also a symbol of the stable Ida in the left part, Pingala in the south and Sushumna nadis located in the central .

3. Rudraksh: Rudraksha is believed to have originated from the tears of Shiva.  According to religious texts, there are evidences of having Rudraksha up to 21 mukhi, but currently after 14 Mukhi, all Rudraksha are inaccessible.  Wearing it provides positive energy, blood flow is also balanced.

4. Tripund Tilak: Lord Shiva places Tripund Tilak on the forehead.  It is a tilak with three long stripes.  It is a symbol of Trilokya and Triguna.  It is also a symbol of Satoguna, Rajoguna and Tapoguna. Tripunda is of two types - the first is a red dot between three stripes.  This point is a symbol of power.  The common man should not apply this kind of tripund.  The second one is Tilak or Tripunda with only three stripes. This causes the mind to concentrate.

5. Bhabhuta or Bhasma(Ash): Shiva applied ash on his body.  Bhasma makes sense of the futility of the world.  Bhasma is also a symbol of freedom from attraction, attachment etc.  The only place in the country that the Bhasma Aarti of Shiva is used in the Mahakal temple of Ujjain. In which the cremation incineration's ash is used. Yajna's ash has many Ayurvedic properties.  In the Holocaust, the entire world is destroyed, then only bhasma (ash) remains.  This condition is also of the our body.

6. Damru: All Hindu Goddess and Gods have one or the other musical instrument.  In the same way God had Damru, which symbolizes nad.  Lord Shiva is also considered the father of music.  Before him nobody knew how to dance, sing and play.
Naad means sound that continues continuously in the universe called 'ॐ'.  Other voices in music keep on coming and going, the central voice among them is the nad.

7. Kamandal: There is water in the kamandal which symbolizes nectar.  The kamandal is held by every saint or yogi.

8. Hasti charma and Vyaghra charma: Shiva is wearing Hasti skin and Vyaghra skin on his body.  Hasti means elephant and Vyaghra means tiger.  Elephant is symbol of pride and tiger is violence, so Shivji has suppressed both arrogance and violence.
The tiger is a symbol of power and entity and is the vehicle of the goddess of power.  Lord Shiva often sits on it or wears this skin, indicating that he is the master of power and above all power.

9. Shiva Kundal: There is a ears piercing ceremony in Hindus.  In the Shaiva, Shakta and Nath sect, it is customary to wear a mudra(coin)or kundal(earrings ) in it by piercing the ear at the time of initiation.  Ancient idols often see the serpent kundal in the ears of Shiva and Ganapati, the conch or patra kundal in the ears of Uma and other goddesses and the makara kundal in the ear of Vishnu. The two ear rings, which are worn by God, 'Alakshya' (meaning which cannot be shown by any medium) and Niranjan (meaning one who cannot be seen with mortal eyes). It is noteworthy that the kundal of Lord's left ear has been used by the female form and the coil of his right ear has been used by the male form.  Vibhutas in both ears represent the principle of creation in the form of Shiva and Shakti (man and woman).

10. Chandrama(Moon): Shiva also has a name 'Som'.  Som means Chandra.  Shiva's wearing of the chandra is also a symbol of mind control.  The chandra has direct connection with the Himalayan Mountains and the sea.  The first Jyotirlinga of the world was established by Chandra Dev at Somnath. Basically all the festivals and celebration of Shiva are based on Chandramas.  Shivaratri, Mahashivratri etc. have importance of lunar arts in festivals associated with Shiva.  It is a symbol of the cult of the semi-lunar Shaivists and Chandravanshis.

11. Jatas and Ganga: Shiva is the god of space.  His name is Vyomkesh, so sky is his Jata's form.  Jatas are a symbol of the atmosphere.  Air pervades the sky.  Above the solar system is the Parameshthi Mandala.  Its semantic element is named as Ganga, so Ganga flows in the jata of Shiva.
Shiva's Rudra form is considered to be a fierce and destructive form holder.  The practice of offering water to Shiva started due to the holding of the Ganges in Jata.
When an attempt was made to bring Ganga to the earth from heaven, it also raised the question that this immense velocity of the Ganges could cause a huge hole in the earth, then the Ganges would enter the earth.  In such a situation, Lord Shiva first seated Ganga in his jata for this solution and then landed it on the earth.  Gangotri Tirtha is a witness to this incident.

12. Vasuki and Nandi: Taurus is the vehicle of Shiva.  He is always with Shiva.  Taurus means dharma.  The Puranas have called dharma is a 4-legged creature.  Its 4 legs are religion , Artha, Kama and Moksha.  Mahadev rides this 4 legged Taurus i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are under him.  According to one belief, Taurus is also called Nandi, one of the Ganas of Shiva.  Nandi was the author of Dharmashastra, Arthashastra, kamshastra and Mokshashastra. Similarly, Shiva had a close attachment to the Nagavanshis.  All the people of Naga dynasty resided in the Himalayas, the region of Shiva.  Anantnag of Kashmir was the stronghold of these Nagavanshis.  All the people of Naga clan followed Shaivism.

The name Nageshwar Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva makes it clear that Shiva has an unbreakable relationship with the naga or serpent because of being the God of serpents.  There is a tradition of worship of serpents on Nagpanchami in India.  He who reconcile in opposing sentiments make a cruel and terrible creature like a serpants or snake use to garland his neck.  The wrapped serpent or serpent is a symbol of the power of the Kundalini.

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How the lion became the vehicle of Maa Durga ..

How the lion became the vehicle of Maa Durga ..                   

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How the lion became the vehicle of Maa Durga, all the Gods and Goddesses have a very important place in our religion, as well as their vehicles have their own different importance, in the same way Maa Durga which is symbol of impetuous , power and strength.  While her vehicle, the lion, is considered a symbol of valor and aggression, and the roar of the lion is given the status of mother's voice, there are two stories describing how the lion became a mother's vehicle . Which is like this type ..?

First story: -

              Friends, you know that Mata Parvati had done austerities to achieve Bholenath which lasted continuously for many years, eventually Lord Shiva was pleased and appeared to Mother and accepted her as his wife, but  due to mother's harsh tenacity, her body had become dark colored, once Shiva and Parvati were wandering on Kailash, then jokingly, Shiv ji called Mata Parvati as Kali .
Due to this, Mata Parvati left the Mount of Kailash and went into the forest and started again on austere penance. During the penance, a hungry lion came to Mata Parvati for the purpose of eating her, but seeing the mother absorbed in austerity and due to the mother's effect, he sat there silently, now Mata Parvati was determined that she would continue her penance till she became white, that lion also sat with mother for many years.
Pleased with austerity after many years, Lord Shiva appeared to the mother and after giving a boon to the Gaura Varna and then asking her to bathe in the river and he was disappeared.
After bathing in the river, Mata obtained the Gaur Varna, that is, became white, and called Goddess Gauri, when Mata came to know about the lion in who had spent many years sitting with Mata, Mata was pleased with that lion made him own vehicle.

Second story: -

               The second story is described in the Skanda Purana, which states that Lord Shiva's son Kartikeya fought a fierce battle with the demon Tarak and his two brothers Sinhamukham and Surapadaman in the Devasur Sangram.  In which those demons were defeated, then Singhmukham apologized to Karthikeya and asked for his life, which pleased Karthikeya gave him the appearance of a lion and ablessed him to become the vehicle of Mata Durga .

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How the thief Brahmin became Kubera, the god of wealth.

How the thief Brahmin became Kubera, the god of wealth.

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                      There are two stories related to the birth of Kubera.  The first story which is prevalent in folktale while the second story is described in Shri Varaha Purana.

According to the first story: -

                In ancient times, there was a Brahmin named Gunnidhi who was the knower of all the Vedas.  He was of very religious nature.  He was a believer in religion.  But it has been said that there is quality comes from the companion .  This is also true for quality  from the companion, due to the bad companion with the gunnidhi, his good qualities were ended and Gunnidhi became the top-notch gambler and thief.  And gradually lost all his wealth in gambling.  Gunnidhi's mother knew that Gunanidhi was trapped in a bad association , but due to the love of her son, she could not tell Gunnidhi's father in time.
As a result, Gunnidhi's rich family started eating alms and begging, and Gunnidhi's father left home and went to the forest.  The whole family started stumbling upon here & there for food.
One day when Gunanidhi went out in search of food, no one gave him food.  So, Gunnidhi distraught with hunger left for the forest. On the way, he saw some Brahmins who were carrying material to offer to the Lord, seeing that the hunger of Gunnidhi became stronger.
Therefore, Gunnidhi came after those Brahmins to Lord Shiva's temple and when the Brahmin started offering prasad to Lord Shiva and singing bhajan-kirtan, Gunnidhi sat there for the purpose of stealing food. When all the Brahmins fell asleep after finishing the Bhajan Kirtan, knowing the right time, he ran away with the offerings prasad to Lord Shiva, but then a Brahmin saw Gunanidhi running out of the temple and the thief shouted as a thief, after hearing this, the city guards fired arrows at him.  Gunnidhi died from this.  It is believed that the night Gunnidhi stole the material was Shivaratri.  Unknowingly, he followed the fast of Shivaratri. Bholenath is Bholenath ! Then how can his fast go empty.  So by grace of Bholenath, Gunnidhi became the king of Kalinga in the next life and due to unwavering faith in God, the great Shiva also made him lord of wealth and treasurer of the gods who became famous as Kubera, thus a thief and the gambler brahmin became the god of wealth by the grace of Bholenath.

According to the second story: -

                  Which is found in the Varaha Purana, in which it is said that Kubera was only in the form of air.  He wore the body at the behest of  Brahma Ji, this is the time when Brahma Ji was creating the universe.  Then suddenly a strong wind came out of his mouth.  That air started flowing rapidly all around.  Due to strong winds, dust started spreading all around.
Then Brahma ji asked him to take a body to calm the air.  Therefore, according to the order of Lord Brahma, he comes in front of Brahma, taking an air body.  Due to this, Brahmaji gives him the name Kubera and also gives him the boon of becoming the god of wealth.
Friends prevail about Kubera that he has three legs and 8 teeth.  He is described as a demon in the Shatapatha Brahmin and belong to dynasty of Ravana.

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Importance of Guru Purnima

Importance of Guru Purnima

The festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Ashadh.  This festival is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals.  On this day, the disciples express their gratitude to their Guru.  Many beliefs associated with this festival make it special. It is believed that for the first time on this day, Adiyogi Lord Shiva established himself as Adi Guru by giving knowledge of yoga to the Saptarishis.  It is also believed that Maharishi Ved Vyas was also born on this day.  Maharishi Vyasa composed the four Vedas and the Mahabharata.  For this reason his name is also Veda Vyas.  He is called Adiguru and Guru Purnima is known as Vyasa Purnima in his honor. 

It is believed that on this day, Maharishi Ved Vyas first gave the knowledge of Sri Bhagavata Purana to the disciples and sages.  On the full moon of Ashadh month, the disciples of Maharishi Ved Vyas started the tradition of Guru Puja.
It is also believed that Lord Buddha gave his first sermon on this auspicious day.  Hence this date is also known as Buddha Purnima.  On this day, there is a law of Guru Puja . The rainy season starts from Guru Purnima.  For four months from this day, saints and saints stay in one place and shed the Ganges of knowledge.  In Hinduism, the Guru is ranked higher than God.  This day is considered to be welfare for students.

In the Sanatan tradition, the Guru's name comes before God because it is the Guru who gives you the chance to meet with Govind, which explains his meaning.  Just like in life one has to trust the sailor to cross the river, the driver while traveling in the car, the doctor while undergoing treatment, in the same way a Sadhguru is needed to cross the life and when he meet  . we have to believe in life.  This is because even the fire of the Guru does not burn the disciple but serves to show him the right path. If you are thinking of making someone your guru on this Guru Purnima, then think a lot before that because a Guru is created only once in life.  It is not changed frequently.  One should remember this line of Kabir Das ji's couplet before making anyone a guru in the running life.

गुरु कीजिए जानि के, पानी पीजै छानि । बिना विचारे गुरु करे, परे चौरासी खानि॥

That is, the way water should be filtered and drunk, in the same way, after knowing the words and actions of any person, he should become his Guru.  Otherwise he does not get salvation and his movement on this earth remains.  Overall, the Sadhguru should be such that there is no greed in any way and it is free from fascination, confusion and doubt.  Even while living in this world, he should be free from all desires, mischief and ambition.

In Hinduism, both Guru and God have been considered equal.  Guru is like God and God is Guru.  It is the Guru who shows the way to attain God and get out of this world-like ocean.  By following the Guru's path, one attains peace, bliss and salvation.  It is said in the scriptures and the Puranas that if the Lord gets angry with the devotee, then only the Guru tells your protection and remedy.  According to religious belief, the Guru is worshiped on Guru Purnima.  Guru Poornima is very important in the country.  People celebrate Guru Purnima with great enthusiasm and happiness .  India is a country of sages and saints where they are worshiped as much as God.  Maharishi Veda Vyasa was the first scholar to explain the four Vedas of Sanatana Dharma.  And also, Sikhism has been considering only one God and the voice of its ten gurus as the real truth of life. 

Guru Purnima is celebrated as the birth day of Krishna Dwapayana Vyasa, the author of the epic Mahabharata.  Ved Vyas was a great Sanskrit writer.  The author of all 18 Puranas is also considered to be Maharishi Ved Vyasa.  The Vedas are also credited with dividing the Vedas.  For this reason, he was named Ved Vyas.  Therefore Guru Purnima is also known as Vyas Purnima.

Guru Purnima is the day when the first Guru was born.  In Yogic culture, Shiva is not considered a god, he is seen as an Adi Yogi, ie the first Yogi.  Guru Purnima is the full moon day, the day on which the yogi first transformed himself into Adi Guru, that is, the first Guru.

once upon a time.  A thief came to a saint.  He wanted him to be refugees, but did not want to give up their theft.  So, the saint allowed him and said, 'You can steal, but next time you steal, steal with full awareness.'  So, that thief thought that this is very easy, because stealing is my habit, stealing with caution is a big deal.  But it happened that the next time he was ready for the theft, he remembered the saint's point and became aware of his act.  The result was that he could not steal.

The thief thought that the saint's blessings would decrease over time.  But even after the passage of time, when he thought of theft or entered a house for theft, he remembered the voice of the saint and could not steal again.  There is great power in awareness.  It can bring a big change in you.  All mistakes happen in disregard, but in reflexes, no one can be angry, nor can there be any mistake, nor any complaint.  This happens only when your mind has become attached to its conscience, moving away from worldly things and complications.  When we have knowledge of something, then it becomes easy to handle things.  When we understand or know a little about life, it becomes easy to handle things.

When the guru comes into the life of a disciple, then awareness about his supreme reality also increases.  The Guru churns you well, so that you can have all-round development and you can be united with divinity.  The Guru is like a hut when you are surrounded in hot sun or in a severe storm, within which you get relaxed.

The Guru himself is like a light carrying a treasure of knowledge.  For a seeker, Guru is like life force.  Just as a seed first becomes a bud and then a flower, in the same way the Guru also gracefully leads us from ignorance to knowledge.  Being a Guru in life creates a sense of security in us.  Guru is an element, we should not feel Guru on a physical level.
There is a very beautiful story about Saint Kanakadasa, which makes it clear how the Guru's presence in his life should be felt.  Once the guru of Kanakadas gave him and other devotees a banana to break the fast of Ekadashi, on the condition that it be eaten only when no one was watching.  The next day the disciples described ways of eating their bananas.  But Kanakadas returned to the Guru with a banana.  When asked, Kanakdas said that whenever he tried to eat bananas, all the time, every moments and everywhere he felt the presence of his guru and he could not eat bananas. We call this experience a contiguity.  In this state all the sorrows, all the complaints go away and we start our work with full awareness.  With the belief that there is some power, which is taking care of us every time, every moment.  Then the question arises that how do we feel connected with that supreme power?  How can we find those gurus who can make us feel that light?  This question is very difficult to answer.  You have to experience it only through your inner intelligence.
Once, a very knowledgeable and respected teacher came to the Raj Bhavan.  He was also a great speaker.  He was respected by everyone, including the king, but he felt some emptiness and was in search of the Guru.  He was eager to surrender to a guru.  When he was leaving to find his Guru, the king presented him his palanquin.  When he reached his destination, it was revealed that one of the men who carried the sedan was his Guru, whom he was looking for.  His yearning to get the Guru was so much that he himself pulled the Guru to him.

If the yearning to get a Guru has arisen in your mind, then the Guru will come into your life.  If you take one step towards the Guru then the Guru takes a hundred steps towards you.  But the first step has to be taken by the disciple.  The closer you come to your guru, the more you will blossom.  Knowledge, love and newness will continue to grow in you.  There is no floor to this depth.  This is the importance of Guru Purnima, to have a never ending and unconditional relationship with your Guru.
The day of Guru Purnima is known as the biggest event in the spiritual world.  On this day, the two souls of Guru and disciple meet, surrender and immersion.  On this day, the master's aspiration dissolves in the soul of the disciple and the disciple merges in his master's aspiration.  This Mahaparva is less of knowing and understanding, more of being drowned in the ocean of feeling.  This festival is a legend, because the Guru lives in the soul of the disciple.  It is always in the disciple and the disciple has nothing of his own.  He has his own costume, inside, only the Mahachetna of the Guru keeps waving. Sadhguru is not ordinary, he is the power's source of Mahachetna, the fiercest representative of God.  God Himself appoints them and makes their future action plan.  Sadhguru incarnates on earth with the Bhagwat plan and returns to Bhagavat Dham again after completing the work.  Their action plan consists of finding their pupil, building it and then casting it.  They have to do everything according to plan.  They only know what they do and what to do.  His works are very strange - unique and special .  In the normal way, neither can it be understood nor can it be guessed.  Every work of a Guru is unique and wonderful.  His love and bless are extraordinary.  His love makes the disciple sophisticated and makes him worthy of love.  The disciple's veins flow with love.  This is what the Guru wants.  A dedicated disciple has to muster the courage to fulfill the desire of a competent Guru.  He has to go to the Guru's shelter with all his existence in this work.  In every situation, he has to be willing and ready to awareness to face suffering like humiliation, blasphemy, disdain, even death.  If he signs with his life in his death certificate, then only he fulfills the first condition to be able to become the true possessor of his favorite and love.  After this, when the love of the Guru pours on the disciple, grace arises, then the life of the disciple leads to a new birth. The Guru takes pity on those whose mind and body are not fit to hold and receive spiritual powers and give them their worldly splendor;  But those whose condition is worthy of this, they sweep all the rites in the mind of those disciples like dust.  Guru-kripa is a blessing on the disciples.

In order to receive discipleship, we should do their same works with sincerity.  Discipleship comes from Guru remembrance and Guru work.

Why is the rainy season best for Guru Purnima??

All seasons in India have their own importance.  There is a reason why Guru Purnima is celebrated especially during the rainy season.  Because in these four months there is neither excess heat nor excess cold.  This time is favorable and best for study and teaching.  Therefore, the disciples present at Guru's feets choose this time to attain the power of knowledge, peace, devotion and yoga.

Bhishma did not get female pleasure due to this curse

Bhishma did not get female pleasure due to this curse

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             The curse was given by the sage Vasishta to Pitamah Bhishma, which is described in the Adi Parv of Mahabharata.  Actually, this curse was found in Pitamah Bhishma in his previous birth.  That too because of his wife.  The result of which he had to repay in his next birth as Bhishma.

According to the story : -

           Pitamah Bhishma in his former life, was a vasu who lived with his wife in Swargalok.  His name was Dhou.  Once, he and his wife were traveling.  So his wife saw on Maharishi Vasistha's ashram where Nandini cow was eating grass.  Seeing Nandini's cow, Dhou's wife insisted on getting that cow.  Now Dhou knew that Maharishi Vasistha would not give Nandini cow at all.

Hence, he along with his brothers decided to steal the Nandini cow and in accordance with the plan, Nandini cow stole from Vashistha's ashram.  But he did not know the powers of Maharishi Vasishta.  So when Maharishi Vashistha did not see Nandini cow in his ashram, he started looking for his all around, but even after finding it, when she could not find it, he used his divine eye by meditating which he knew the theft of Nandini cow.
Therefore, the angry sage cursed the Vasus that even as a resident of heaven, the way you all have done this vile act, you all will fall from heaven and you all will have to bear the punishment of this crime by taking birth in the earth and cursed the dhyo that "You  At the behest of a woman, you have committed this sin. So you will not get female happiness in the earth. When the Vasus came to know about this, they started apologizing to Muni Vasishtha, then Maharishi Vasistha granted forgiveness to all the Vasus except Dhyo.  .

Due to this curse Bhishma had to stay on earth for a long time while Goddess Ganga gave salvation to her other Vasu brothers soon after birth.

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Lord Krishna was rich in wonderful and supernatural personality

Lord Krishna was rich in wonderful and supernatural personality

Shri Krishna gave a new philosophy to mankind.  Taught the way of living.  His life-stories are full of miracles, but he is more closer to us  than other.  He is God but even before that, he is a successful, talented and divine human being.

The personality of Lord Shri Krishna is not only for Indian history, but also for world history, it is a supernatural and wonderful personality and will always be.  He is a unique hero of our culture.  A personality that cannot be compared to any avatar nor to any great man in the world. In every passage of his life, in every event there is a contradiction which is not generally understood.  This is the unique character of his life and this is also his unique life philosophy. The invaluable teaching he gave through his beautiful and seductive leelas and his holiness's teachings from inner and outer vision cannot come within the limits of the imaginative power of any speech or writing and the imagination of the mind, that is his singularity.  Gyani-dhyani(schloar-sage)  are defeated by searching Krishna, who do not meet in Brahm, nor in Puranas nor in the Vedas, he meet while pressing the feet of Radharani in any place of Brajbhumi- It is the peculiarity of the character of Shri Krishna that even after being unborn, he is born on earth. Even he is mritunjaya, but he accept death. Even is supreme power  but born in the prison of Kansa.
The personality and work of Shri Krishna is multi-faceted and multicolored, that is, intelligence, tact, warfare, charm, love, gravity, happiness, sorrow and how many characteristics and traits are included in himself. For a devotee, Lord Krishna is not only a god but also a guru who teaches the art of living life.  He attained the status of a great hero in Indian culture by the diverse characteristics of his personality.  On the one hand, he was a ideal scholar of politics and on the other, a great scholar of philosophy. He introduced the syncretic religion of knowledge-action-devotion while also leading in the religious world.  On the basis of his abilities, he was a man of yugas, who later became accepted as an ideal of young generation .  We remember him as a great revolutionary hero. He was a philosopher, thinker, messenger of Karma and Sankhya Yoga through the Gita, and the policy director of the Mahabharata war, but for the simple-minded Brajvasi, he was the rascha rachaiya, the Makhan chor, the naughty Kanhaiya who broke the gopis's pitcher . This is the expression in the Gita - O Arjuna! Those devotee worship me in which feeling in same way I also worship them. Shri Krishna's character is very divine.  Everyone is attract towards him.  Who attracts everyone, paves the way for devotion, removes the sins of devotees, he is Shri Krishna. He is an ideal character who while diagnosing Arjuna's mental anguish then he is a psychologist, when he killed Kansa then known as dharmaavatar. An ideal politician countering selfish politics, best musician in the form of Vishwa Mohini Bansi Bajaiah, Premavatar in front of Brijwasi . An ideal friend in front of Sudama.  In the form of  Sudarshan chakradhaari is a warrior and a pioneer of social revolution . Who do not overlap the sky of Dwapar with their divine powers, but remain in the background of mythological events like a relieved feeling.  Actually, Krishna has everything that is in human and not in human!  They are complete, bright, Brahman, knowledge.  Due to this immortal knowledge, many such rules and formulas have been propounded on the basis of their life themes and Gita, which are also applicable in Kali Yuga.  In this age full of deceit and deceit, how should we behave according to religion, what kind of behavior, we should see such benefits, not harming others, this way.  On the occasion of Janmashtami, we should adopt his teachings and biographies in our lives. Shri Krishna gave a new philosophy to mankind.  Taught the way of living.  Their life-stories are full of miracles, but he is more closer to us than than other.  He is God but even before that, he is a successful, talented and divine human being.  Despite being God, they seem the most human.
That is why Sri Krishna is considered a symbol of human emotions, desires and arts.  It seems that Shri Krishna came as the leader of life philosophy.  His entire journey from start to end is the inspiration of Purushartha.  He opened his eyes to the society when the power of autocracy  became poison for human beings.
Because no one could challenge the power, the newborn baby were killed.  Such is the story of the birth of Shri Krishna himself.  They were able to survive, so they were removed from the parents' eyes as soon as he was born.  In the society apprehensive by the fear of that time, child Krishna starting his life of sensation, struggle, reaction and protest.

The war of Mahabharata was the climax of the continuous battle which was started by Sri Krishna at birth.  Society of every era poses some questions before us.  Shri Krishna answered the same questions and became Taranhar.  Even today, almost the same questions stand before us.  In such a situation, it is important to focus on the exemplary side of Shri Krishna's dazzling chanting side so that the society can be removed from the cycle of this complexity.  His entire personality and curiosity has become an indelible article of religious history.  His sense of balance and harmony made him a favorite of illiterate milkman, people living in the lower strata of society, and disabled victims of neglect.
Sri Krishna birth anniversary is an example of social equality.  He was born in the city and spent his childhood playing in the village.  Thus his character connects the culture of the village and the city, connects the poor with the rich, Gwal baal to be the Gita preacher, killing the evil Kansa and returning his kingdom to Maharaj Ugrasena . Despite of he belong to rich family used to go the poor Gwal Bal and Gopis home and eating Makhan etc. are examples of being a successful national hero.  Like an ordinary human Krishna, any person can become a nationalist by touching every position of society and being loved by all. The heroic demons of kansa are slaughtered at the moment  by Krishna but  he gets lost in the game by Gwal baal. This is an example of the founding of divine love. Lord Krishna 's reasons for social harmony and patriotism are the inspiring criteria.
Shrikrishna is the only person in the vast sky of spirituality who does not appear serious nor seem indifferent even after going to the ultimate depths and heights of dharma, but is a person full of biographical power.  Sri Krishna's character has dance, song, love, dedication, humor, rasa, and the mindset to accept war as well, if needed.
The Great War is the symbol of the defense of religion and truth.  There is no other person who created history in the world with a flute in one hand and Sudarshan Chakra in the other hand.  There is no prohibition in the character of Shri Krishna, there is a sense of accepting every moment of life, every substance, every event with totality.  If they love, they are completely immersed in it, if they are friends, then they are also fully loyal, and when they accept war, then there is complete acceptance in that too.

On Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Sri Krishna, we should strive for the rise of humanity by making inspiration simple from him and making life simple and easy.

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